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Looking for a podcast that offers a unique take on current events and hot-button issues? Then you won't want to miss The Saulty Show. With its irreverent and humorous approach, this podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to hear thought-provoking commentary and lively discussions on topics that matter. From politics and culture to history and philosophy, each episode offers a fresh perspective on the issues of the day. Whether you're a conservative, liberal, or simply interested in hearing different viewpoints, The Saulty Show has something for everyone. So why not tune in and join the conversation?

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  • Episode 20: The Archetypical Hero We Need

    May 4th, 2019  |  1 hr 12 mins
    air pods, alex jones, allegedly, archetypal heroes, be a hero in your own story, bear, bitten by snake, brazil, bruce wayne, camel toe, change from within, communicate, dare devil, dark knight, darth vader, debt to mob, drug shootout, emotional weekend, end game, express yourself, facebook, fade to black, fake news, flaming hot cheetos, force to look, freddy krueger, freedom of speech, freezing in danger, game of thrones, gas cylinder, groups, guns, harvey dent situation, heard mentality, hero within, heroes journey, heroes of our own story, hope, i can't be a fire fighter, i need a lawyer, infinity wars, joker, jon snow, jordon peterson, killing joke, league of shadows, listens to shit, lithium batteries, lord of the rings, louis farrakhan, martial arts, marvel, milo yiannopoulos, monster within you, moose knuckle, ninja star, nun chuck, parents taken, parrot, seven realms, shot, shot in face, sleep ate, spoiler alert, star wars, struggle for control, struggle is a good thing, supreme ordeal, switch blades, token left, tom brady, tony stark, twitter, user acceptance agreement, warren buffet, wendy williams, white walkers, whitelisting, winking at a girl in the dark, wrestling, younger sister, zoo security guard

    The crew talks about nunchucks, a bad ass parrot, AirPods, Facebook Censoring and
    Archetypical Heroes.

  • Episode 19: Fake Outrage

    April 27th, 2019  |  54 mins 49 secs
    500 humans, anal probing, ask not what your country can do for you, ass in the air, beta brain rays, black mirror, boy scout, buckaroo, chem trails, criminals, direct eye contact, ferme paradox, game of earth, green eye alien, hobbit, matrix, matrix reset, mrs. robinson, mummy captain, purgatory, pyramids, right to vote, royal rangers, sexual abuse, sexy alien, skeleton, student loans, taxi cab confessional, tokyo, transparency, turkey attack, turkey phobia, uber drivers getting lucky, uber rape, ufos, war on values, watch the world burn, yacht

    The crew talks about a report that claims there have been 12000 cases of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts. They also discuss governments role in the Student loan crisis.