Episode 38

Capitalist Cavemen


August 4th, 2019

1 hr 13 mins 26 secs

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no one will buy a shitty product socialism does not allow for people to be better you lack the understanding of how the economy works cavemen saul cavemen jeremy cavemen tim ronald reagan started make america great again workfare instead of welfare privacy gdpr red wave greece had more employees than offices for them increase the retirement wage 9 year old artist government assisted health care capitalist countries with socialist programs no coal free school joe biden can't fill a hot tub #walkaway movement brandon straka not a drone strike some people did something magatron events at a$aps next event thanks sweden courts a$ap rocky burkini sports illustrated asians wearing maga hats head smashed into the wall maga hat in new york italy greece united kingdom australia blue wave save face people from sweden fake news rescue europe again europe has been invaded gaza strip west bank golan heights $500 a week down to $200 a week give up your guns same old shit lip stick on a socialist pig coins jussie smollett fake injuries refugees no history of palestine white supremacist jews oac i want you dead your dog is peeing on my lawn hamas no option but to riot congress womaintenance congress person israel palestine conflict ghettobirds maryvale 20 or 50 cry for attention 9.0 belly flop jumper on top of the sign camelback and indian school i-17 i will be your friend shirt rob a bank masturbating vibrator off brand charger necklace phone charger he was wearing a hat oversized toupee cocaine under toupee chelsea handler 16 to 18 cm he broke it world record he has a sock around it largest penis rub him right ankle surgery dark web

About this Episode

Saul sets it up with an intriguing introduction of tonight’s episode. Thank you President Trump for freeing the rapper that was held in an overseas jail! Moving in to setting the scene for a new bartender in artificial intelligence, AOC’s crazy is taking on all new highs calling for riots in Israel and the “poor” United States neighborhoods and let’s make sure to take note of your credit as computer hackers have learned how to torment citizens by the millions sharing personal/private information on the dark web. Before the crew gets too caught up in the opening with opinion and banter, Saul turns it over to find out what’s hot in the Crazy Chronicles. Hysterics and tears roll out of the first conversation when a man in Mexico claims to have the largest penis in hopes of scoring a place in the Guinness Book of World Records; such a shame that the radiologist uncovered the flaw in his plan identifying his “average” size. Finally, a win for Heidi, Tim actually approved! Next up a quick mention of cocaine and a special kind of stupid for smuggling the drug under his toupee. No worries, Tim has your PSA on smuggling cocaine in your butthole… But hold on there, we might have another PSA for you. Off-brand chargers for your cell phone can be dangerous to your person. A quick cover of special intelligence when a bank robber provides the bank with his name and address. Before rolling to a final article we attempt to cover the new pussification of youth but Tim’s ADD kicks in and covers the latest freeway back-up. The guys just miss as they cruise under the scene. Jeremy gets a little mouthy about weeding out the weak and promoting more jumpers with score cards. With that Saul and the guys move to discuss for the first time, AOC and the delusional promotion of rioting for non-American causes. Palestine’s fictious oppression and the insane claim that Israel and the Jewish communities are to blame in history. The discussion then heads into political movements and refugees overseas as related to the ridiculous AOC comments. Listen up folks, the reality of how the movement is becoming more tragic in the United States needs to be stopped. Socialism is on the rise here and America needs to remember the most successful Capitalist government in the world and the importance to work harder to block this social movement. If you don’t want to hear it here, check out #WalkAway Campaign. Saul wraps up the show with a compelling example of our nation’s foundation in ‘How the Cavemen rose to Capitalism!’ All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.

Hosts: Saul, Tim, Jeremy