Episode 40

Marvel's Phase 4 Fizzle


August 11th, 2019

48 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

On today’s episode…YAY! Rae is back to the show after surgery and some healing time. Saul opens the show with a special welcome home Rae mix up. Watch out folks… Cannibal Parrots on the lose…in what year? A little PSA for the gentlemen out there - Rae will kick you to the curb if you have a bird. DEAL BREAKER if you have birds. Saul jumps in to show and reveal his crazy cat lady date and the gymnasium home layout for her cats. Saul’s limit of “pussy” CATS (you filthy minded people) are 4, don’t even bother if you have any extras. Team brings it back around to talk about the Parrot’s size, era of existence. They chat a bit more before wrapping up and moving to the next chronicle. After a fall, this topic about a quick check to make sure a man falling on his butt doesn’t have more injuries. Turns in to a crazy unveiling of bone spurs that aren’t just for the feet. In Bronx, this elderly man is finding out the “hard” way as his 63yr old penis is showing signs of calcification in the shaft of his penis. The guys love Rae’s hand gestures as she attempts to provide a description of the development. This could be STD related but the man took off and left the hospital as the results were being provided to him, his secret is still out. Beware Bronx ladies, he could be “that guy”. Up last but not least, this NY lady is taking classes for a new level of attracting wealthy men. Rae calls the guys out for the Saulty-Sass-Attack that is about to unravel as the guys give opinion on whether the woman is “attractive”. Rae offers up her stylish correction of the matrix’s braids. Quickly they turn their attention to feet, do you find feet attractive? The crew has some thoughts to share! Keeping with the “D” …let’s take this from Dominatrix to Disney. The Saulty-Vengers have a lot to say about Marvel's next phase of productions. Jeremy reminisces over childhood cartoons and what part of Marvel he’s excited to see out in the theatres. Saul is hung up on Jeremy’s dislike for the Doctor Strange movie. Saul tries to get more opinion but Rae keeps on track with the change of ownership and how it aligns to the quality of the movies. Timmy breaks down the line up of what is releasing. Saul asks for everybody to voice which line up they have no desire to tune in and watch. Rae has a lot of input since the topic hits her forte of knowledge, listen this time since y’all ignored her previous warning… Read the classic comics all, Rae says you’ll really be entertained instead of letting these a$$hole corporations corrupt the true art of Marvel and DC!

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