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Rae Chronicles bring a fresh new look at Air BNB rental of the Oscar Meyer Wiener mobile. Frankenstein is taking on a whole new look with mix-match body parts found by the FBI. Cadaverous body parts are now for sale…! What are your thoughts on Facebook tracking your porn searches and views? The Saulty Show wants to know how to tap in also! After a quick break, the boxing gloves get laced up. What do women “really” want broken down by the Saulty Show? The team spins off of the article ‘Women Want Only 1.5 Things from Men’ to cover why are women not finding what they’re looking for in men today and the importance of a “mom” and “dad” in children’s lives. Saul brings it back around to the article and this toxic, new feminist movement of women not needing men as related to the article. It doesn’t take long for the show to quickly spin off course AGAIN about the roles, careers and other differences – what’s going on with the male versus female sexes? After realization how far off topic the crew went, they switch over and discuss the investigation at University of Michigan. The show’s guest takes a stab at relating the investigation of a rope that was assumed to be a race-crime when it was left behind on a table after being used to practice tying knots for a class to campus security immediately reporting racism. Claiming it was a “noose” left on a table…FBI is called in; reports are made, people are interviewed, and camera records are reviewed to only show no race crime occurred. Topic closes leaving the opportunity for a part 2… stay tune to find out if Saul and the guys attempt to discuss the university or missed topics planned for tonight’s show in upcoming weeks. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.

Hosts: Saul, Tim, Rachel, Jeremy
Guest: Just in time




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