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Join the Saulty crew as we try and make sense out of everything going on in Politics, News and Pop Culture.

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  • Episode 58: F*ck Antifa

    October 21st, 2019  |  1 hr 6 mins
    andy ngo, antifa, brooklyn nets, china, climate protest, cnn, daryl morey, donald trump, e-rosary, elijah cummings, greta thunberg, hillary clinton, hong kong protesters, houston rockets, isis, jane fonda, jeff zucker, joe tsai, lebron james, minnesota, nba, oitnb, patriot act, pray app, project veritas, saddam hussein, smart rosary, syria, taliban, the catholic church, tulsi gabbard, turkey, vatican, yao ming

    The crew discusses Antifa's efforts to start the next civil war, the NBA's love affair with the Chinese economy and the Turkey/Syria Debacle

  • Episode 57: Los Angeles Has Fallen

    October 13th, 2019  |  1 hr 26 mins
    4chan, air bnb, beto o'rourke, bruce jenner, bubonic plague, candance owens, climate change, crazy rae chronicles, cronic wasting disease, devil eggs, dieting is racists, elevator music, elijah schaffer, elizabeth warren, ellen degeneres, emotional diarrhea, extinction rebellion, facebook, free needles, get suicided, ghost buster ruling, google me, haunted mansion, heroin, human centipede, i am legend, insane asylum, jeffrey epstein, joe rogan, larry king, lars larson, las angeles has fallen, make your choices, mr. whiskers, nicolas cage, okay sign, opioid crisis, paul petersen, peacocking, portland, president bush, rabies, realm of lunacy, ritalin, scott presler, siamese twins, the left has lost it's mind, tracy morgan, two headed snake, typhoid, typhus, unisex bathrooms, urinals, walter heyer, weather rattle

    The crew discusses the homelessness and drug problem in LA, urinals in Portland, the okay signs getting banned, and diets are for racists.

  • Episode 56: Hard, Wet, and Dirty

    October 7th, 2019  |  1 hr 4 mins
    80s, adam sandler, adam west, alan moore, alien life, arnold schwarzenegger, arthur, aurora colorado, bacon, barry goldwater, batman, beetles, bill and ted, bill murray, birds of prey, bone disorder, boys in the hood, captain america, captain marvel, chicken, christian bale, clark kent, clerks, crab, danny devito, dark fate, dc, deadpool 2, disney, ecuador, ewan mcgregor, fantastic four, freddy krueger, green lantern, groundhogs day, guinea pig ice cream, harley quinn, heath ledger, hobo, hot wheels, house bunny, howard the duck, hugh jackman, jack napier, james cameron, jay and silent bob, jessica rabbit, joaquin phoenix, joker, justice league, kabob, last of the mohicans, laxative, leprechaun, light rail, linda hamilton, logan, lost boys, lost in translation, margot robbie, mars attacks, mass shooting, mr freeze, mushroom, olive oil, origin story, phone booths, police, poppy seeds, pork, robin hood, rosie perez, sara connor, silver age comics, sociopathic, space aliens, spiderman, spoiler, suicide squad, terminator 6, the dark knight, the flash, the killing joke, the social network, titanic, tobey maguire, tom holland, train ride, ukraine, uma thurman, walker, water boy, west coast avengers, who framed roger rabbit, xmen

    The crew discusses guinea pig ice cream, aliens, sociopaths, the Joker and light rail hell.

  • Episode 55: Coup D'état

    October 4th, 2019  |  1 hr 53 secs
    747, adam schiff, airbus, amazon, apple watch, australia, background check, biden, bikini, boeing, budget busters, coffee, coup, deep state, direct tv, dutch bros, grocery shopping, hulu, internet, mutilated, netflix, new york times, nickleback, objectified, online shopping, oregon trail, porn, prime, private, prosecutor, quid pro joe, quid pro quo, rudy giuliani, shaming, spiders, starbucks, transcript, ukrainian collusion, viagra, victimhood, vintage war planes, whistle-blower, wwii, youtube red

    The crew discusses bikini picks, bulls, a plane crash, insulin, budgets, spiders and collusion.

  • Episode 54: Impeach 45

    September 28th, 2019  |  50 mins 12 secs
    adam schiff, allegations, australia, biden, bill clinton, birth, buckles, conflict of interest, crowdstrike, dna test, drain the swamp, draining the swamp, dry cleaning, ejaculating, farting, fire fighters, florida, funny news, fusion gps, half-brothers, house of cards, humor, impeachment, intelligence community, investigator, jerry springer, kunt, loans, lolita express, marijuana, nancy pelosi, nixon resigned, opera singer, peaches, polar bear, pubic, quid pro quo, term limits, transcripts, transparency, trump, twitter, ukraine, under oath, whistle-blower, witch-hunt

    The crew discusses some funny news headlines, and the democrat's latest attempts to impeach President Trump.

  • Episode 53: Climate Hysteria

    September 26th, 2019  |  58 mins 16 secs
    boat accident, canada, cigarettes, climate change, cocaine, collusion, e-cigarettes, estranged, greta thunberg, hysteria, impeachment, james south, kevin o'leary, mayo, reddit, shark tank, smoking, sopranos, submersible, trump, twitter, vapes

    The crew discusses a boat crash, a shooting, cigarettes, cocaine, mayo, WWII veterans, brainwashed children, Trump Impeachment, and Antifa vs ICE

  • Episode 52: The Court Of Public Opinion

    September 22nd, 2019  |  1 hr 13 mins
    3rd world countries, abortion, al sharpton, australia, bill gates, blind, boobs, booger, border wall, breakfast club, bringing jobs back, camel, censorship, church shooting, congressional hearing, cultural appropriation, diabetes dog, genders, golden retriever, guatemala, justin trudeau, mexican candance owens, monkey, neck brace, piers morgan, pigeon, poop jogger, ptsd, robert francis, service dog, tea party, toilet, toilet paper, trump, white nationalism

    The crew discusses the poop jogger, airport puppies, camels, pigeons, 911 calls, Justin Trudeau's Black Face, 100 genders, Mexican Independence day and Candace Owens.

  • Episode 51: Democracy Dies In Darkness

    September 19th, 2019  |  1 hr 12 mins
    ace bandage, aoc, batman, benjamin netanyahu, bicycle riding, bill burr, bill clinton, billionaire, car accident, corey lewandowski, dan crenshaw, dave chappell, dillinger, disney, dui, elizabeth warren, executive privilege, exhumed, exit polls, facebook, fake news, fbi, fox news, friday the 13th, handcuffed, hbo go, impeachment, israel election, kavanaugh, kevin hart, minneapolis, montia sabbag, mummy marauder, narcissistic, netflix, new york times, nothing burger, obama, parliamentary rules, platform vs publishers, robber, single parents, sjw, somali refugees, streaming, theater, trolling, trump rally, white gauze, witch hunt

    The crew discusses Dillinger's death, a billionaire brat, robbery suspects, a mummy, sex in a cop car, HBO streaming, Minneapolis robberies, another Kavanaugh witch hunt and the Trump Impeachment hearings.

  • Episode 50: From My Cold, Dead Hands

    September 15th, 2019  |  1 hr 27 mins
    1st amendment, 2nd amendment, 9th district, abrams tank, adhd, ammunition, anti-immigration, anti-trust, ar15, ban straws, biden, breakfast, brick, burglar, california, ccw, china, cockroach, confiscate, debate, democratic, dentures, electoral college, epidemic, eye surgery, fatherless, fda, google treading, guns, infringed, iran, judges, lasik, law abiding citizen, marathon, medical care, medical research, missing women, needles, nightmare, nuclear deal, open borders, penis, pensions, plastic surgeons, poop, racist, red states, regulations, robert francis, search party, single motherhood, sleeping driver, solar system, spayed, squatty potty, suing google, sunlight, tesla, tourist, trade war, trumponomics, turning states, turnpike, univsion, uranus, vaping

    The crew discusses clever marketing, planets, poop attacks, search parties, a cooking burglar, a sleeping driver, Democrats, gun rights and Iran.

  • Episode 49: Never Forget

    September 13th, 2019  |  59 mins 41 secs
    10 minute rule, 18 years, 18", 1941, 4 planes were highjacked, 911 call, a lot of people jumped, afghanistan, airport, america is a symbol of freedom to the world, america stands for something, american express, american flags, an american icon, angry, asbestos, batman, bin laden, black smoke, bodies hit the floor, bombing, bridges, bums don't organized, burn or drown, china asshole, church leaders, driving to work, drugstore, either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain, erasing history, evade the police, everyone came together, falling man, fire code, first responders, first video, forced labor, garbage truck, garcie mansion, hangar, howard stern, hudson river, i don't want to be misinformed, i need a female officer, leaves a bad taste in your mouth, national anthem, no one is working, off the ground, panhandle, pearl harbor, pennsylvania, pentagon, pharmacist, point of personal privilege, president trump please liberate hong kong, refrigerator, sexual favors, single mother, slavish mentally, snake on my nokia phone, some people did something, storing vehicles, suicide, support hong kong, taiwan, taliban, the check cashed, the mall shutdown, the vajayjay disappears, they are attacking us, they sent us home, this is an attack, trooper arrested, tunnels, wendy's, where were you, world trade center, you guys

    The crew discusses fire safety, an inappropriate trooper, homeless workers, Hong Kong and a tribute to 9 11.

  • Episode 48: Unfortunate Events

    September 8th, 2019  |  1 hr 7 mins
    $100 bills instead on $10 bills, 35f, 500 miles in arizona, a family with a child, a man's right to keep his check, abortion for population control, all of a slutn, ashley stclair, asked not to wear red hats, assault, atm, bernie sanders, big gulp cup, black dress, boobs are out, bucket, bucket of adios, buffet, charlie kirk, chase, chick-fil-a toronto, china is exposed, china needs us, churches want you to have kids, circus, coal belt, college hook-ups, daddy, dave chappell, de blasio, die-ins, disrespecting a cop, do you think that the gay agenda will recover from this, don't have sex until you are married, electric cars, end all coal jobs, fetal position, fit and young, florida, for sale, fracking, fry's, get a steel toed boot up your ass, girl thru-up in truck, half gallon of milk, he's a shifty little fuck, her son is here, hid it in the toilet, hong kong waving the american flag, hot vomit on my hand, hurricane path, i can make it back to the hotel room, i going to die tonight, i locked the door, i was cute so screw you asshole, i'm a gay tranny, i'm going to be sick, indonesia, is that you, it's the lords chicken, joe biden's eye, keep the uninformed mad, krusty the clown, las vegas, lion air, lost a game of darts, making sandwiches, meteorologist, mom dad do you see that, moneys green, most embarrassing moment, nailed it, next topic, only we can get the weather wrong, paper straws, peanut butter sandwiches, peta lgbt, plastic straws, point of personal privilege, pool, positive trade, rebel media, red meat, ronald mcdonald, sat in the bath and bawled, seat in lavatory, seatbelts, she drank the bucket, she filled that cup, she filled the second cup, shitting on my dick, starving, stated the wrong weather for alabama, super bad taste in women, sushi and sack, suv and truck, tax, the doors open, the left is not afraid that president trump will fail, then i got high, thong, threw that shoe at him, thru-up on dick, tiananmen square, trump derangement syndrome, vegan diet, we balanced the books, what is that, when i drink i get better at darts, where is half my tooth, whoville, xterra, yah that's it, you can't put that back inside me, you should be spayed, you should have just left her there

    The crew discusses airline seating, ATMs, bad hookups, personal stories, NYC police, Chick-fil-a and the Democrat climate town hall.

  • Episode 47: LGBTQ(S)

    September 5th, 2019  |  1 hr 6 mins
    10 commandments, 36 arrested, 4 o'clock, 4 year old, aaron burr, alyssa milano, america's favorite restaurant, an alligator ate my asshole, anti-religion, antifa had a permit, arnold schwarzenegger, ashley stclair, atheists, bahama is pretty much gone, because you believe something you are not allowed to do something, bi-polar, blacklist, blind boy, boston police department, boy who cried wolf, bread and milk, cat 2, cat 5, chick-fil-a, chick-fil-a drive thru, china, clint eastwood, clint eastwood's chair, coin toss, darwin we need you, dawyne johnson, direct message, dm, dorian, dr seuss book, everyone is happy at chick-fil-a, feelings, feliz navidad, florida, flying spaghetti monster, fries and chips, full prosecution, fussy eaters, hard work, having children, heat stroke, hit with the eye, humanists, james wood, jayhawk game, kansas university, kelsey grammer, kid stabbed in the face, lgbtq, lgbtqs, mac and cheese, manager classes, mccarthyism, mexican maid, millennials, mindy robinson, mini biscuits and chicken, morals in school, nontheists, noodles, not open on sundays, november 6 2020, octopus jelly god, one meal, patriotism, people of walmart, pizza, police miss conduct, police sirens, prayer, pringles, puck bunny, raising money to free antifa thugs, religion, safety and inclusion, sarah michelle geller, scientology, scorpions, scott baio, snakes, squad of rejects, squad of tards, squad of twats, straight pride parade, the lord's chicken, throw a bull dozer at your ass, tim allen, tom cruise, traditional marriage, trump fund raiser, trusty eaters, uncle jimmy, values, vince vaughn, vitamin deficiency, white bread, will and grace, wishful thinking

    The crew talks about millennials, atheists, hurricanes, nutrition, chick-fil-a, blacklists, and a Straight Pride Parade

  • Episode 46: Saulty U

    September 1st, 2019  |  1 hr 1 min
    13 eggs and cup of sperm, 75 mountain goats, a little hard work, after the storm the mayor declared that local park would require all of it's to repair the damage, all children are special, and we lost heidi, animal husbandry, ashley stclair, ban expulsion, barry goldwater, boys can go out and be boys, breast feeding in public, california, castration, castration fetish website, college homework assignment, continue to dumb down the public schools, danish pigs, dc draino, disruptive students, doctor eric, don't put your dick in crazy, don't touch my penis, don't want to hurt people's feelings, drive by guest, during the 9 11, emotions over anything, english class, exams attendance and grades, female teachers, fire department, gavin newsom, grew up religious, hatred of men, her vagina is like a tuna fish can, hey cut my balls off, hierarchal is bad, history is written by men, how did they get caught, i am paying you to teach me, i did not need that visual, i smell pig sperm, illegal pig semen, inclusive, it just want to see titties, it's kind of nuts, july 1st 2020, justin trudeau, kid playing the piano, lean on me, licking his dick, lowering the bar, lowering the standard so kids don’t feel left out, magnet schools, mansplaining, mantspreading, men have penis' women have vaginas, mountain goats addicted to human urine, natural salt licks, necessary competition, new york schools, no more logic to it, not teaching consequences, not the mama not the mama not the mama, phoenix airport, police force, problem child, replace the sexist language, rubber bands, see where you at, segregation, shampoo bottles, shithead parent makes a shithead kids, skinny white kid, snap fingers to clap, sociology, some minorities, somebody did somebody, something wrong with the school system, stay home and raise the children, that sentence is sexist, that’s a bad example, that’s cutting my balls off, the reason we have hell is because some women had her period and got upset, the sweet semen of baby jesus, they don’t like italians, this bitch isn't going to do shit for you, trump white voter, unfit to be president, we just need to stop disciplining students, we lost tim, why does it need to be manpower, women have not been in the work place, yodeling pig, you can't show your excellence

    The crew discusses castration, pig semen, mountain goats, insemination,

  • Episode 45: Trump 45 and 2 Zig Zags

    August 29th, 2019  |  59 mins 34 secs
    3 stooges, a onetime bad congressmen, african immigrants, america first, antifa, archived tweets, asshole love, assless chaps, border wall, boston, brett kavanaugh, britain, british accent, catalina lauf, china grabbing leaders, cnm fake news, couldn't stand up straight, dave chappelle, david harris, drag show, failed in radio, fake news, g7, germany, guatemala, headline stress disorder, hot conservatives, hypocrisy, i should be able to take them, i've said racists thing but who hasn't, in the middle, intimate moment, it's more inclusive, japan, joe walsh, kremin, lgbtqs, look at this fredo, maga hats, melania trump, mexico's southern border, milo, milo yiannopoulos, mr. appalachian trail, mtv, potpourri of diversity, puppet master, racist tweets, rick rolled, russian jokes, s is for straight, safe places, safe spaces, slapping trump, sour face, steven crowder, straight pride parade, stuart varney, telemundo, the left can't meme, tim is running for congress, tommy robinson, took saul to a gay bar, trump 45, trump 45 and two zig zags, trump episode, tweet archives, twitter, we found some police, when donald trump forgets to wear clothes

    The crew celebrates their 45th episode with a tribute to the 45th president.

  • Episode 44: Trump, Dolphins, Bananas and Coke

    August 25th, 2019  |  48 mins 33 secs
    $1 million of cocaine, 100 times in the drive thru, 22 kilos, 23 kilos, 38 revolver, 8 foot long snake, aggressively rubbing, apple built in china, armadillo, banana boxes, batteries, battery charger, bean bags, bring our company’s home, can’t make a video of mohamed, cattle fence, chick-fil-a, china, china is ass hole, chinese are shooting hong konger, closed beached, cramping, creepy joe, dnc fund raising just took a hit, dollar shave club, dolphin in heat, doorbell cam, dow down 700, electrical class, electrocution, family guy, first experience with love, germany, get rid of the us postal service, get woke go broke, gillette, global economy at what cost, groin attack, guns, handle of the stove, happy to see you, have sex for pleasure, heart stopped, hilter took away everyones, hong kong, hong kong police, i don’t know what we are yelling about, i don’t think the stove should be electricuing us, in-and-out, i‘m bart simpson who the hell are you, jaw wired shut, left one women with his nose, make america great again, new segments, nike, not today satan, one year before the simpsons is cancelled, point of personal privilege, poisonous fish, poorly choosen, potassium and coke, ricochet, roasting on an open fire, safeway, second amendments, sex with an atm and a picnic table, sexual frustrated dolphin, shit on your point, shocking, shot 3 times, shot in the face, simpsons, somebody did something, south park, stock market, take a bumper, the left can’t meme, the perfect shaped nose, tim’s terrible tweets, too many times in the drive thru, transformers, trump is hitler, trump orders, trump trade war, umbrella, vaginal flatulence, video doorbells, what does a female dolphin say when she doesn’t want to have sex, what is the weirdest get rithing you put your dick into, widow makers, with all due respect what would you do if god called you a cnt, zafar

    The crew talks about an armored armadillo, a snake, a horny dolphin, electronics class, cocaine and trump’s “Orders”.

  • Episode 43: Fight the Good Fight

    August 22nd, 2019  |  1 hr 4 mins
    $144000 fine, $600 rent, 18 micro apartments, 1984, 2 condos, 4 ½' ceilings, 70 square feet, 850 year old building, 9 apartments one bathroom, a battle of ideas, america is awaking up, anti-science, antifa, bait stations, charlie kurt, chinese, communism, concrete slabs, crocodile tears, customs and border protection, dearborn michigan, destroying the rule of law, domestic terrorism, europe is committing suicide, fascism, foul play, google cloud platform, google employees, google needs to be broken up, hey google are you a monopoly, i sleep well at night, india independence, islam is not a race, islamic extremist burning churches, kill cops, lead in to the air, lgbtq, lower east side, lung issues, mayor of portland, new york, non-violent civil war, notre dame, pakistan, pest control stations, prager university, protest, proud boys, rallies, rashida tlaib, reign in the dark fringes of the male, religion of war, rent control, rent stabilization, scrubbing the streets, shitting in the streets, slaughtering a cow on an indian flag, squad of rejects, subletting, sued up the ass, taser, the pendulum has swung, throwing rocks, trump is savage, trump meme, vaping, where is peta, where were the police, wishing is not how science works, woke as fuck movement

    The crew talks about mini apartments, lead, vaping, Antifa, the Middle East and Google.