Episode 39

Point of Personal Privilege


August 8th, 2019

1 hr 8 mins 35 secs

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twitter removing hits keeping a close eye on them internal google memos daycare kids are not disciplined at home i've got monsters moral foundation video games how many more rapes have to occur before you cut off your dick no rights no guns no protection buy back the guns criticize police truth is not a left wing value hand gun homicide car accidents suicide flu medical errors neil degrasse tyson still accountable buy a tank depend against a tyrannical government second amendment both parents murdered at restaurant reichstag fire gun control control the media control the minds shot a congressman at a softball game madonna tom hanks robert de niro hillary clinton maxine waters they sell guns at walmart they are shit hole nations beto o'rourke trump owes el paso for shooting liberal city off duty military walmart 30 seconds killed his sister 8 chan fort hood sandy hook list of massacres changed the headlines unity over racism new york time twitter disabled his account after shooting dayton not a trump supporter manifesto el paso gun violence it's mama get off my lawn gender pronouns eat each other out clapping comrade aggressive scent don't talk to cops point of personal privilege preferred pronoun he/him go fund me to kill democratic socialists toilet explodes lightning strikes septic tank butt dialing having sex with his dog news headline from each state race track feathers bird hits window bird hits wind shield baseball hits bird randy johnson bird hits girl on roller coaster nuclear bomb in the back back to the future uranium ore on amazon hot tub time machine gun kentucky deluxe whiskey uranium rattle snake car thief ambulance hits pothole pot holes 19th birthday

About this Episode

Saul covers the latest topics in today’s news. Brazilian cross-dressing inmate trying to escape, the latest Tweets and coverage on the mass-shootings from the weekend, and of course miss cray herself; AOC. Next up some Crazy Chronicle line up with exploding toilets in Florida, a Rattlesnake & Uranium mixed up with some Kentucky Deluxe whiskey in Oklahoma, a large smack of rollercoaster horror in Queensland, a heart palpating pothole in Nebraska and a first of many funnies as the team finds out about an Alabama man’s “doggie style”. After covering the craziness in the world, the Saulty men move to discuss the topics for the show. How far will they get? Do they make it through a number of topics in the news lately or find that one topic that has so much in itself to cover…? Up first, the latest democratic-socialist meeting that was held a few days ago, opens the door to a new phrase the team is ready to exploit listening and watching as the speakers and attendees state absurdities about “gender names”, “clapping” and the offensive sound, “sensory overload” and all its silliness the MEN and WOMEN of the meeting can muster. The coverage leaves time to discuss the sad events of the weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Listen in while the insanity of these shooters is discussed and their manifestos about their claim to represent the “progressive” leftist movement. How the media is trying to twist the truth about the asinine men and what they truly stand for. The guys remind and educate the tie between the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment rights. Wrapping up the show with two “wake up calls” 1) we need to stop people from promoting the democratic-socialist party and their communist outlook for America 2) parents, raise your children and stop leaving it to people that have their own agendas. All this and more on this episode of the Saulty Show!

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