Episode 41

The name is Fredo, Al Fredo


August 14th, 2019

1 hr 11 mins 2 secs

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they're so poor their so black joe biden masturbatorial car choice tesla vehicle the whole thing is cgi. robot abuse boston dynamitics both side agree that it is foul play conspiracy theory no guards transferred the cellmate camera disabled doj clintons donald trump jr ethnic slur wolf blitzer poor kids are just as bright as white kids we have a fighter in the white house red flag laws he should not be allowed to own weapons truth is not a left wing value displays bad character the new n-word cnn anchor godfather chris cuomo pull out and cum on the tits act of terrorism shenzhen airport switzerland dictator we need the second amendment les mis anti-extradition laws airport 50 years beijing basic law colony of great britain hong kong protest landscaper $15 an hour cesar chavez union no one will take that job at that pay remittance gets the leaches out of their country fredo advertisement on tv severally handicapped military marriages obama deported more than trump we choose truth over facts permanent resident not effected you can't afford to live here denied citizenship well fair green cards flat screen tvs roadster $12000 car gas is cheap 4 hour to fully charge a telsa infrastructure jeep simplicity nissan mercedes bmw $100000 car tax incentives to buy electric cars largest exporter of oil that's because they are french nuclear is the cleanest elsewhere polluting vehicles lots of fun but you don't get anywhere electric cars government motors gruber motors poultry koch foods job fair mississippi citizens ice raids gcc students impaired drivers drunk drivers they closed tent city snowbirds wrong way drivers

About this Episode

On this episode the crew discusses the number of accidents caused by drivers going the wrong way on city highways, Mississppi citizens are afraid of ICE raids. Jeremy asks the team what they think about electric cars and Tim routes the conversation to the topic of non-citizens being denied citizenship if they collect welfare. Saul brings up the protests in Hong Kong and how Chris Cuomo thinks he can tell you what words you can and cannot use. The discussion comes to an end with a conversation about the strange things that happen when you have information about the Clintons. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.

Hosts: Saul, Tim, Jeremy, Heidi

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