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238 episodes of The Saulty Show since the first episode, which aired on April 27th, 2019.

  • Episode 32: Social Media Summit

    July 13th, 2019  |  53 mins 29 secs
    9th circuit court, a lobster on my cock, back of the truck, bagel boss, bat-shit crazy, bill clinton, blow-up their balls, boston, cbs, completely stop drinking, crazy, detroit, dixon, drain that swamp, epstein, face your problem, facebook, fake news, firecrackers, google, highest approval rating, hong kong, hsa, inflatable pool, influencers, joe biden, judicial collusion, looks like a dumb bag of rocks, magatron, mar-a-lago, mental well-being, modifing searches, mohegan sun, obamacare, pay stubs, pissed off tim, pool on the roof of an suv, pranks, project veritas, rattan, report facts, route 2, selling girl scout cookies, sex island, singapore caning, stand on the roof of a moving car, station wagon, sundar pichai, that guy is a beast, titty out of the mouth, trump social media summit, twitter

    The crew talks about women's mental health, stupid people with fireworks, a nominee for mother of the year and the "Trump Social Media Summit".

  • Episode 31: Erasing History

    July 11th, 2019  |  1 hr 3 mins
    10 groomsman, 2 wedding on the same day, 93 year old, abject poverty, amazon warehouse tours, ami horowitz, arrested, bank robbery, blue origins, bucket list, canary in the coal mine, catholic wedding, chernobyl, collection plates, college campusus, crash a total stranger's wedding, egypt, elon musk, employed more people than any other president, employee market, erasing history, face mask of chick-fil-a sauce, go to mars, go to the moon, grand theft auto, great wall, high school principle, holocaust, house of cards ready to collapse, identity politics, isis flag, israel, israeli flag, jeff bezos, jewish community, jordan peterson, mexico wedding, move the embassy to jerusalem, naked time, old people travel stuff, peyote, political correctness run amok, pyramids, quaaludes, richard branson, scarlett johansson, science over politics, segregation, skinny dipping, skydiving, slavery, space travel, space-x, sphinx, steal a lamborghini, streak across the top of the great wall, surrounded by wolves, the jews have all the money, the world wasn't fair, thomas sowell, throwing the party is the fun part, top 80% to the bottom 20%, traveling, ussr, virgin atlantic, virgin galactic, vomit comet, who is the best man

    The crew talks about strange bucket lists and Holocaust denial.

  • Episode 30: Cryptonite

    July 7th, 2019  |  51 mins 59 secs
    $4.8 million, $592000, $67000, 65 bitcoin, a small car from italy, bars of gold in your closet, bitcoin exchange, black mirror, black-off of 2003, castaway, corpse, cyber warfare, dark web, deep nude app, direct deposit, dogcoin, email attachment, emp, encrypted, faked porn video of gal gadot and scarlett johansson, fiat currency, firebombing, florida, freddy krueger, friendship with a volleyball, gold, hatfield and mccoys, her, honor amongst thieves, ia, joaquin phoenix, joe rogan app, minivan hurst, molotov cocktail, more than one living occupant, multiple personality disordered, nevada highway patrol, oklahoma, only does women, ransomware, riviera beach, second degree arson, security camera, she doesn't look like she is getting any, shot into the neighbor's house, silver, social engineering, strange things are afoot at the circle k, technology helping people, ted body, the world is not ready for deep nude, trees in oregon, virtual currency, webcam, what is the future of currency

    The crew talks about carpooling with the dead, Artificial Intelligence, angry neighbors, ransomware and crypto currency.

  • Episode 29: Betsy Ross vs Nike

    July 4th, 2019  |  1 hr 10 mins
    2 chicken wings, 3 fried cheese sticks, 3 month old pothole, african tribes enslaved other african tribes, ambulance, andy ngo, antifa, arizona streets, arkansas, attacked twice, be on a diet on your own time, betsy ross, black panthers, blu, brain hemorrhage, brick thrown at his head, broadway, bulling, cake, canceled goodyear factory, click bait, cnn, colin kaepernick, do you think i like skinny girls, doug ducey, extra fries, fake news, felony battery, fiat currency, first president in north korea, florida, forth hand smoke, fourth of july, frank, freddie kruger, fuck nike, gay asian reporter, go fund me, grow corns on my feet, i don't care, i know you are hungry, in your face racism, jussie smollett, kansas city streets, kim jong un, largest air force, little rock, malcom x, mama dee's, mcdonalds, milkshakes, minor food theft, most african slaves went to south america, my girlfriend is not hungry, nike, no safe spaces, order for her, order the wrong food, police told to stand down, portland mayor, potholes, quick dry cement, rand paul, rocket man, san francisco bans e-cigarettes, sanctions, second hand smoke, smoking, smoking a chimney, socialism just takes and takes and takes, sweet and sour packets, take it easy with the perfume, terrorist, the cucumber challenge, the proud boys, the rise of the kkk, the sand lot, they don't respect him, third hand smoke, tinder dates not eating, vegan milkshakes, we are out pf tide pods, we will never surrender for peace, what is up with florida, where is the right wing violence

    The crew talks about fling sauce packets, fry stealing girlfriends, potholes, Antifa, Trump crossing the border and Nike being a bunch of bitches.

  • Episode 28: Trump Situaci√≥n 1984

    June 29th, 2019  |  59 mins 5 secs
    12 year picture, all cultures are equal, anti-trust laws, appointment, beto o'rourke, better the devil you know, black supremacy, blexit, china, cory booker, daenerys, dmv, dnc debate, doj, driver license, federal building, federal database, flagging abusive tweets, food is a part of culture, foot in the door, gold star, greek food, hong kong, irs, j666, james o'keefe, jon snow, kamala harris, kiosk, kkk, latinos for trump, malcom x, mexican food, multi-culturalism, mutants, mvd, october 2020, pandering, passport, passport card, photo line, platforms vs publishers, project veritas, public forum, public good, read the instructions, real id, short fat bald hispanic guy, social security card, spoilers, superior cultures, tariffs, titter, too big, torturing animals, travel id, trump, tsa, twitter, tyrion, unlock apple phone, utility bill, vehicle registration, zombies

    The crew talks about the MVD, twitter overreach, the DNC Debates and cultures.

  • Episode 27: Muh Reparations

    June 23rd, 2019  |  1 hr 4 mins
    8 hour drive, a nude horse is a rude horse, ammunition, arctic circle, armpit rashes, athens, attack squirrel, barney, bird feeders, body armor, brazil, buck henry, bull dog, canada, casino, civil war, clothing animals, cold stone creamery, cross fit, crown, cults, david letterman, detox, dmv, donald duck, driver license, drug dealers, ellis island, england, family guy, feeding tiger, fish, flag day, florida, for decency's sake, freddy krueger, french moto, funny money, game of thrones, hugging the flag, human trafficing, indecency today means morality tomorrow, indian reservation, interest rates, jumbotrons, kanye west, larry elder, lost 10 million followers, medical board, meth squirrel, mickey paulk, mrs. kennedy won't you please clothe your horses for decency, narcolepsy, omerta, peter griffin, pug, queen of the north, queens, racheal broke shit, raised $30 million in 24 hours, reparations, ronnie reynolds, sanctuary, saturday night live, scavenger hunt, scooby doo, service animal, sina, spain, statue of liberty, sweden, take the bus, talking stick, the best city in the world, throne, trump supporter, walmart, want to belong, winnie the pooh

    The crew talks about an attack squirrel, an arctic scavenger hunt, clothing animals, bullying and paying for the past.

  • Episode 26: Brokeback Vipers

    June 16th, 2019  |  50 mins 28 secs
    16 year old girl, 1977, 38th birthday, 80 year women's name, a layer of sexuality, bachelor life, banned nuclear power plants, best friends, black mirror, chupacabra, come at me, danny, declassified, deer family origin, deer hair, dna, drone wars, drones, drunk, emotional cheating, emotional connection, ester, ethan, faa, fbi hunts for big foot, fighting, finger in his belly button, first amendment, fluid sexuality, freedom of information act, hair analysis, how sex works, i got to put sneakers on, i have a headache, i really don't believe you, is it cheating, is it gay, jfk, karl, kennedy assassination, make america great again tour, mantis, mortal combat, netflix, new captain america, new york times, no fly zone, not in the mood, parliament, peeping tom, pilots exam, police officer, race cross the parking lot, recapping, red flags, relationship toll, retard retard retard, roxette, san mateo, sex in the game, sexual role playing, snapchat, spoiler, street fighter, striking vipers, tell me the truth and i will know how to deal with it, to catch a predator, top secret, video game, you are making it look at me, you should pay for premium

    The crew talks about drunk drones, a snapchat vigilante, a jet setting big foot and video game exploits.

  • Episode 25: The Pursuit of Something Better

    June 8th, 2019  |  1 hr 4 mins
    11 charges, 56 ton bridge, 56 years old, a gun is a great equalizer, a platform for free speech, active shooter training, advox, aliensarereal.com, amazing, amazon driver, anal probing, arranged marriages, borders on evil, british talk, broadcast porn, carlos maza, civil war, columbine, conservatives dominate the internet, criminally liable, dave rubin, devoid of humor, did not hear the gun shots, duty scot peterson, emotional connection, fear, feels justified in their hate, finland verses fenway, full of hate, giggling passengers, gofundme, gravel driveway, happy d-day, he is german, icebreaker, indiegogo, jorden peterson, just following orders, kids in the car, larry elder, leftwing pieces of shit, library porn, maxine waters, metal thieves, missing bridge, my tube driver, obsession, order to not intervene, parkland fl, perfect girl on paper, perjury, prost, put your headphones on, radio show, raking at gunpoint, read her mind, rejecting multi-culturalism, retirement benefits, romantic comedies, russia social network, scared, school resource officer, shit on the streets, southwestern rail, spitting, sro, steven crowder, stopped other police officers, tannoy system, thawt police, the gay mexican, throw milkshakes, tipping, trump rally, vk, vocabulary, vox, voxadpocalypse, wanton, we all have a conscience, what is in your heart, why won't you commit to me, youtube demonetizing

    The crew talks about a disappearing bridge, raking at gun point, dereliction of duty, and obsession.

  • Episode 24: The Letter of The Law vs The Spirit of The Law

    June 1st, 2019  |  1 hr 9 mins
    4 day prescription, 45 in a 55, 90 minutes, affecting relationships, afghanistan, apartment parking, asking for a friend, bet offshore, betting against tim, boston, bring your own cleaning supplies, bumper sticker, burn poppy fields, caffeine, casting a net, chick on meth, club soda, coffee, coffee and smoking, dairy queen, deputy struggles to justify the arrest, do you want to let it go, don't jump on a trampoline, donkey, drama, dumb-dumb did it, falcon v patriots, first amendment rights, florida, freedom of speech, get a check, ginger ale, going away party, hand to mouth motion, handicap space, he doesn't know how to spell ice cream, he losses every bet, hep-a, high speed lane, home cleaning, hot topic, hov lanes, hung over, i can run these broads off the road, i eat ass, i got a friend, i was lost, impeding traffic, keypad, kids birthday party music, know the code, last place you want to be is at a bar, leaves door unlocked, letter of the law vs spirit of the law, look lady, make amends, make right and then a u-turn, mud flaps, nicotine, not adequately treating a patients pain, opioids, oral fixation, orlando, pavlov's dog, people who don't feel pain, placard, play the odds, plays sound gives candy, porn addiction, possession and distribution, public safety, ran a red light, red bull, responding to texts, roses in the toilet paper, sabath, salty senorita, security system, sex drugs videogames, slept like crap, smoking and gambling, son's room is cleaned, speed limit, speed of traffic, spencer, state license, subjective objective assessment plan, sugar addition, switching alcohol for sugar, that_raepop, tie vs shirt, triggers, truck nuts, trying to be funny, vape, video game addiction, what are you doing - falls asleep

    The crew talks about one man's culinary predilections, cleanly ghosts, laws, and addiction.

  • Episode 23: Memorial Day

    May 25th, 2019  |  1 hr 6 mins
    18 and up, 2 of 27, 3 day weekend, 3 pm local time, 30 years, 72 planes per wing, air force, arlington national cemetery, armed forces network, baja blast, banana spider, bbq, big black hat, britain, bronze star, brown recluse, camel spider, candy strippers, chaos magic, chihuahua, civil war, crash recovery, creepy ghost stuff, daddy long legs, declaration day, dmz, eastern, electric sting, ending the war, f4, fang rang, farted out the window, federal holiday, feeling violated, france, good morning vietnam, i take my pants off, it's on me, japan, kayak, kennedy, kia van, korean war, last monday of may, lbj, leg going numb, live by the code, longest war, luke airforce base, malaysia, marine, memorial day, mre, mud bath, names on the wall, national moment of remembrance, nationwide day of remembrance, navy, necrosis, nixon, numb tongue, ouija board, p3, phantom, post traumatic stress, psp runway, ptsd, purple heart, rnr, rok, san diego, scorpion, scorpion in the toilet, scorpion mating dance, shell shock, ship went down, silver star, slept on the wing, spanish american war, strange smells, taco bell cantina, taco bell infused cocktails, taco bell resort, team spirit, twa, vietnam conflict, wasp, wings, wolf spider, world war i, world war ii, yo quiero taco bell, you are entering a vd area, you are never going to sleep again

    The crew talks about a fast food resort, an angry spider, bullying ghosts and what Memorial day means to us.

  • Episode 22: Unconditional Sex Strike

    May 18th, 2019  |  1 hr 34 secs
    #gotstrike, #sexstrike, 1650 likes, 2 tivos and square footage, 90210, abstinence, alyssa milano, another spoiler, arkansas, bananananana, banjo, beautiful people, burlesque, california sucks, candace owens, catfishing, colin kaepernick, conditional love, dating, deep sigh, enabler, escalated quickly, fat ugly chick, fayetteville, forged signatures, gender swap app, georgia abortion law, get a job, hbo, he is not bad a looking girl, hot dad, hunger strike, i like sex, india, jail break, jennifer, jess, let them fail, life support, living together, love and acceptance, love for star wars, love me at my worst, luke perry, marylyn monroe, metal carpet monkey, metal head, norway, not today satan, online dating, philippians, polish, push them out, remake season 8, roommates, roundabout, russia, scare, selfless to a point, shannen doherty, sheriff, showtime, starz, stupid dog, suck on society, sweden, tinder, twinkies, uk, unconditional hatred, unconditional love, unhealthy love, useless boyfriends, ventura, what is love

    The crew talks about a paper work jail break, gender swapping apps, hashtag stupidity and conditions of love.

  • Episode 21: Decriminalizing Psychedelics

    May 12th, 2019  |  1 hr 6 mins
    airport, arizona, ben gurion, boarding pass, denver, israel, minnesota, mushrooms, porn, precheck, profiling, psilocybin, psychedelic, public health, tsa, uber

    On this episode the crew discusses Denver's new laws decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms, Arizona legislature declares porn a public health crisis and adventures with the TSA

  • Episode 20: The Archetypical Hero We Need

    May 4th, 2019  |  1 hr 12 mins
    air pods, alex jones, allegedly, archetypal heroes, be a hero in your own story, bear, bitten by snake, brazil, bruce wayne, camel toe, change from within, communicate, dare devil, dark knight, darth vader, debt to mob, drug shootout, emotional weekend, end game, express yourself, facebook, fade to black, fake news, flaming hot cheetos, force to look, freddy krueger, freedom of speech, freezing in danger, game of thrones, gas cylinder, groups, guns, harvey dent situation, heard mentality, hero within, heroes journey, heroes of our own story, hope, i can't be a fire fighter, i need a lawyer, infinity wars, joker, jon snow, jordon peterson, killing joke, league of shadows, listens to shit, lithium batteries, lord of the rings, louis farrakhan, martial arts, marvel, milo yiannopoulos, monster within you, moose knuckle, ninja star, nun chuck, parents taken, parrot, seven realms, shot, shot in face, sleep ate, spoiler alert, star wars, struggle for control, struggle is a good thing, supreme ordeal, switch blades, token left, tom brady, tony stark, twitter, user acceptance agreement, warren buffet, wendy williams, white walkers, whitelisting, winking at a girl in the dark, wrestling, younger sister, zoo security guard

    The crew talks about nunchucks, a bad ass parrot, AirPods, Facebook Censoring and
    Archetypical Heroes.

  • Episode 19: Fake Outrage

    April 27th, 2019  |  54 mins 49 secs
    500 humans, anal probing, ask not what your country can do for you, ass in the air, beta brain rays, black mirror, boy scout, buckaroo, chem trails, criminals, direct eye contact, ferme paradox, game of earth, green eye alien, hobbit, matrix, matrix reset, mrs. robinson, mummy captain, purgatory, pyramids, right to vote, royal rangers, sexual abuse, sexy alien, skeleton, student loans, taxi cab confessional, tokyo, transparency, turkey attack, turkey phobia, uber drivers getting lucky, uber rape, ufos, war on values, watch the world burn, yacht

    The crew talks about a report that claims there have been 12000 cases of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts. They also discuss governments role in the Student loan crisis.