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  • Episode 154: "Liberated" The Over-Feminization of Society

    August 3rd, 2021  |  1 hr 50 mins
    1920, 19th amendment, complex societal problems, female vs male, feminism, liberty, male nature, mental health, michael jordan, olympics, simone biles, simple solutions, the west, tolerant society, toxic masculinity, undesirable, uninformed, unmotivated, unprepared, unwilling, war factories, women suffrage, ww2

    On this episode of The Saulty Show, the crew discusses the pros and cons of the systematic push towards an over-feminization of society

  • Episode 153: We're Working Here!

    July 27th, 2021  |  1 hr 27 mins
    are you not entertained, arizona, brits, communist, critical race theory, crt, democrats, dr fauci, england, fly, free palestine, gop, hasbro, january 6th, joe biden, kelly townsend, lockdowns, nationalism, obama, ox, pandemic, patriotism, republicans, ronna romney mcdaniels, socialist, stop asian hate, suicide, summer olympics, trump, unvaccinated

    Hasbro thinks your 2-year-old is racist. The leftist, Marxist agenda has sunken its claws deep into corporate America as woke culture claims another one.
    This weekend was Opening Day for the Woke summer Olympics and no one was watching. For the first time in 50 years, the USA won no medals on opening day.
    There is a great purge taking place within the republican party and it's beautiful to watch. It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • Episode 152: Diaz Canel Singao

    July 20th, 2021  |  1 hr 31 mins
    2000, agents of chaos, al gore, apple emoji, audit, biden, capitalism, castro, censorship, che guevara, civil war, communism, cuba, democrat, election, freedom, germany, insurrection, january 6th, libertad, psaki, republican, social media, sports illustrated, statesmanship, trans woman, twitter, vaccines, virus, whitehouse, wuhan

    Leftist governments around the world are pushing their citizens to the brink of war as new lockdown mandates loom around the corner.
    Díaz-Canel singao - Fuck the regiment. New reports coming out of Cuba. People are starting to fight back against the communist dictatorship.
    Apple plans to roll out a new emoji. Their fight for social justice has taken on a new level of absurdity.

  • Episode 151: RendeZook Politics

    July 10th, 2021  |  1 hr 45 mins
    4th of july, america, biology, censorship, class action lawsuit, communism, covid, defund the police, democrats, facebook, fbi, google, january 6th, jim acosta, lgbt, liberalism, manhattan da, marjorie taylor green, mayoral race, men, narrative, nationalized elections, nfl, nsa, nyc, pride month, ptsd, quang nguyen, revolution, secure election, senile joe, societal decay, spying, tech giants, temper tantrum, trump, tucker carlson, twitter, utopian, white supremacy, women

    Social media censorship is ramping up just as Trump announced he was filing a class-action lawsuit against the tech giants. It's about to go down.
    "Football is Gay" - that's an excerpt from the NFL's latest ad campaign that has left many to wonder if a grade school bully took over NFL's marketing team.
    Also, a new covid variant coming from Canada. no, it's not the delta variant. They're calling it the C - Variant. C stands for communism; because never in the history of the free world have people been so willing and inviting towards totalitarianism in the name of health and safety.
    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 150: Critical Racist Theory

    June 26th, 2021  |  1 hr 21 mins
    2nd ammendment, ak-47, army general, asmr, belize, biden, buffon, busta rhymes, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, child trafficking, communism, consequential, critical race theory, crt, drug smuggling, f-15, gun violence, insurrection, john mcafee, jordan peterson, latinos, latinx, leninism, m1 abrams, mark milley, marxism, miami building, military, nuclear weapons, oppression, q, que-mala, revolutionary war, spyware, suicide, tax evasion, tyrannical, whispering, white history, white rage

    Biden gets into ASMR and Que-mierda (Kamala) goes to the border. The freakshow continues.
    Critical Race Theory has infiltrated the US military as the left continues its push towards communism.
    Also, what do cryptocurrency, antivirus software, sex orgies, and a murder in Belize have in Common? We'll tell you all that and more, on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 149: Truth Is A Menace

    June 22nd, 2021  |  1 hr 22 mins
    1983, biden, blm, chicago, china, cnn, declaration of independence, democrats, fbi, fisa, foia, geneva, hoax, insurrection, january 6th, jon stewart, juneteenth, liberalism is a mental disorder, liz cheney, mao, michael flynn, new jersey, new york city, oppression olypmics, putin, republicans, romney, russia, scandal, susan rosenberg, switzerland, teachers, trump, tucker carlson, united states, us capital, white supremacy

    Imagine if you will, a world where every post, tweet, and meme are fact-checked. But not election votes.
    Imagine a world where the party that voted for a candidate that told black people they'd be, "back in chains" if they didn't support his ideas is now being celebrated for signing into law a holiday that commemorates the liberation of the very slaves they fought so hard to keep.
    You are entering a world where logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
    You, my friend, are in the twilight zone.

    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 148: Resistance Is Futile!

    June 12th, 2021  |  1 hr 18 mins
    ai, authoritarianism, biden, commie cookies, communism, defector, drivewa, elon musk, england, fauci-ism, fermi paradox, fragile, g7, geriatric, guatemala, h3 after dark, hunter biden, ignorance, illegitimate, kaitlyn bennett, kamala harris, kamierda, kim jung un, lapdog media, leftism, lemmings, lester hold, let them eat cake, liberals, liberty hangout, matrix, n-word, narcissism, north korea, old man, parkway, private property, resistance is futile, road, ron desantis, stree, terminator, trump, univision, us border

    Biden goes to the G7 and it's painful to watch. At least there are no more mean tweets.
    Kamala's first foreign trip went about as well as a train wreck. She was compelled to tell Guatemalans to not "come" to the border. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was not too happy about that message though. In fact, she's been overall unhappy with her party's inability to pass any further leftist legislation. Cocain Mitch and the rebel Republicans are running out the clock on their reign.
    Elon Musks' girlfriend fantasizes about communism and has a plan to expidte its implimentation. It involves vaccines and AI. The dystopian future is right around the corner.
    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 147: The Fauci Emails

    June 5th, 2021  |  1 hr 50 mins
    abuela, aoc, biden, big government, big pharma, big tech, blues clues, canada, china, christian values, collapse, covid, dr fauci, economy, emails, engineered virus, expect the unexpected, fiat currency, foia, hr 2316, inflation, interest rates, irs, jails, lockdown, marjorie taylor greene, masks, masturbation, matt walsh, nobel prize winner, pedophilia, privacy, rand paul, sexualizing children, tax fraud, tesla, vaccine, washington post, white supremacy, wuhan lab

    Dr. Anthony Fraudci is getting canceled and boy is it good to watch. Emails released this week revealed several bombshells.
    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had more fails this week. She had a Twitter-finger war to save her Abuela and she also offered foolish nuances on solving crime.
    Also, more woke culture this week. The left has gone full Pedo-mode. NYC teacher is under hot water after she shows video teaching 1st graders about masturbation.

    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 146: The Unraveling Narrative

    May 29th, 2021  |  1 hr 30 mins
    affidavits, assault weapons, atf, ballots, biden, biden fails, biden gaffes, blm, federal property, george floyd, georgia audit, independent commission, mail in, maximum security, misdemeanors, president, racist, the press, trespassing, washington dc, yankees

    The mainstream media narrative is coming undone as more and more people are waking up to the lies they were sold.
    Biden continues his gaffe tour. You won't believe what he said about the daughter of a veteran. He's doing more for the republican party than any of the republican politicians.
    Also, it's Memorial Day weekend. Take a moment to honor the fallen and remember that freedom isn't free.
    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 145: True Conspiracy

    May 25th, 2021  |  54 mins 44 secs
    1984, 2019, babylon bee, biden, canada, censored, china, connecticut, conspiracy, covid-19, democrat, dull, experts, facebook, fact-checkers, fauci, gender dysphoria, george orwell, governor whitmore, hypocrisy, insurrection, jewish, msm, nazi, new london, nih, obama, palestine, project veritas, race riots, rand paul, regretful biden voters, republica, scientific consensus, shaking hands, social media, speech, ufo, uncharismatic, us coast guard academy, virology lab, white supremacy, wuhan virus

    The conspiracy theorists were right again. As the grey clouds of the Covid hysteria clear away, the truth is revealed. Rumors of China developing the virus as a form of Biological weapon.
    Biden continues his gaffe tour this week. we'll share the Baffoon-in-Chiefs latest stumbles.

    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 144: Free Palestine From Hamas

    May 20th, 2021  |  2 hrs 7 mins
    1967, 6 day war, al jazeera, america, ap, auschwits, ballots, bethlehem, biden, bill gates, brian stelter, canada, cnn, communism, concentration camps, covid, cuba, cyberattack, dr fauci, election fraud, epstein, gaza, hack, hamas, hiroshima, idf, intelligence agencies, iran, iron dome, israel, jared kushner, jerusalem, jewish, jordan, lgbtq, liz cheney, middle east, missiles, muslim, nagasaki, neanderthals, palestenian authority, pearl harbor, pipeline, plo, rachel madow, renewable energy, roof knocking, sanctions, tds, terrorism, trump, unemployment rate, ungrateful, us aid, walmart, westbank, wuhan, wwii, yasser arafat

    Plandemics, Pipe-lines, and Free-Palestine.
    The middle east is in turmoil (again) as Hamas terrorists have initiated a new barrage of missiles against Israel. Isreal retaliated quickly and the world losses their shit. However, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is mad at Biden because he agreed that Israel has the right to defend itself.
    Get vax-Ed America! The Covid plandemic has served its purpose and we can now return back to normal. But only if you wear the mask.
    Also, the latest on the election Audits. More states are slowly voting to have their own audits.
    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 143: IndoctriNation

    May 10th, 2021  |  1 hr 31 mins
    5b rocket, april, arizona, biden, blm, canada, china, church, cia, cnbc, covid, critical race theory, democrats, dismal, dominion, elon musk, existential crisis, forensic audit, government dependency, harmony of the heavens, indoctrinating kids, jen psaki, jobs, kamala harris, leftists, maricopa county, michigan, parody, school board, snl, space debris, teachers, utah, vaccine, woke, wuhan

    February Job numbers came out and they were so dismal compared to predictions. Biden and the Democrats found a way to blame everything else but their dangerous leftist policies.

    The world is quickly spiraling into chaos and our fearless leader is nowhere to be found, while our law enforcement agencies are becoming more and more "woke". We cover the latest in a string of weird occurrences that have left many conservatives scratching their heads.
    Indoctrination of generations of students has brought on this new age of wokeness.

    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 142: The Totalitarian Left

    May 4th, 2021  |  1 hr 30 mins
    antifa, aoc, austin, biden, bird flu, blm, china, civil war, communists, daily grind, dc, fbi, gun control, internet, joseph stalin, karl marx, leftist, madame vice president, mars, mask, medicare, power to the people, rino, romney, rudy guliani, school board, surveillance, ted cruz, universal income, ussr, utah, vaccines, vail az, vladimir lenin, we the people

    Biden attends a joint session of Congress to give a speech. It was a snoozefest that garnered a measly 11million viewers. The "most popular president in history", folks.

    The totalitarian left is getting bolder. This past week the FBI raided the office of former President Trump's attorney; Rudy Guliani's. They are also targeting patriotic grandmothers that were at the January 6th "insurrection". Not BLM or Antifa who have been burning cities for over a year. Nope, nothing to see there. This is political intimidation.

    Also, the latest in the fight against the covid lockdown bullshit. The people are starting to fight back but they have started to fight back smarter.

    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 141: As Arizona Goes, So Goes The Nation

    April 27th, 2021  |  1 hr 27 mins
    aoc, arizona, azaudit.org, better dead than red, biden, climate change, covid, dana white, debate, democrats, dr fauci, election audit, flrida, hispanic vote, joe manchin, kaitlyn jenner, liberal, maricopa county, marjorie taylor green, media, phoenix, recount, thug rose, tko, transparency, ufc, uv light, virtual climate summit, watermark, wuhan

    All eyes are on Arizona as the most transparent recount in history is taking place in Maricopa County. Nine cameras are live streaming the whole thing.

    Gavin Newsom's Recall election is official. Republican She/Her - Kaitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner is running. Is this Checkmate?

    Biden attended the Virtual Climate Summit that included many world leaders and hilarity ensued as he was the only one wearing a mask.

    All that and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.

  • Episode 140: The Scapegoat

    April 22nd, 2021  |  1 hr 28 mins
    biden, big tech, blm, canada, china, cnn, deep state, defense, democrats, desantis, dr fauci, fbi, george floyd, guilty, insurrection, james o'keefe, jim jordan, judge, jury, lebron james, liz cheney, manslaughter, maxine waters, minnesota, mistrial, murder, passports, police, project veritas, putin, republicans, rino, russia, sequester, taiwan, trump, twitter, ukraine, us border, war monger

    Abolishing the electoral college, packing the courts, disarming America, and more censorship; Just another week of the tyrannical left destroying America.

    The Chauvin trial was this week but the mob is asking for another sacrificial scapegoat. The media complied and have now moved to defend a knife-wielding 16-year-old.

    Is covid finally over? Let's check with Dr. Fauci. He seems to be upset that the Chauvin trial took him out of the limelight for a week.

    All that and more. on this Episode of The Saulty Show

  • Episode 139: The Dying Narrative

    April 12th, 2021  |  2 hrs 8 mins
    13th ammendment, 2nd ammendment, 2nd degree, abolish slavery, acquittal, alex jones, arms dealer, biden, blm, border crisis, california, canada, caribbean, constitution, covid, democrats, derek chauvin, florida, freedom, george floyd, georgia, give me liberty or give me death, gun laws, gun show loopholes, health inspector, hunter biden, jewish, jim crow, manslaughter, mask, media, medical examiner, mlb, obese, parmesan cheese, pastor, planes, prosecutor, saint vincent, spirit airlines, terrorist, texas, trump, uncle sam, universal rights, volcano, wuhan, yemeni

    The smartest person Biden said he knows, admitted to snorting parmesan cheese. c'mon man!
    Biden is only 100 days into his administration and he's already broken so many promises. This last week it was revealed that he plans to pack the courts and is preparing to sign 6 executive orders to rein in assault weapons purchases. You awake yet?
    The Derek Chauvin trial started his week. The State laid out their case but it didn't go as they had wished. Regardless of what the verdict is, cities will burn.
    oh and highways are racist?
    All that and more. on this episode of The Saulty Show