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75 episodes of The Saulty Show since the first episode, which aired on April 27th, 2019.

  • Episode 77: A Super Saulty Tuesday

    March 5th, 2020  |  1 hr 6 mins
    bernie, biden, bloomberg, super tuesday, trump

    On this episode of the Saulty Show: the crew's reactions as Super Tuesday Results were coming in.

  • Episode 76: Coronavirus: Hysteria du jour

    March 3rd, 2020  |  2 hrs 13 mins
    alejandra ocasio-cortez, alice marie johnson, angela stanton king, anthony fauci, aps, basket, biden, black history month, border, buttigieg, communism, coronavirus, cpac2020, cubans, don mcgahn, dual citizenship, eggs, election, flu, flynn, france, greece, immigration, italy, latinos for trump, migrate, nuclear plant, obamas, pandemic, poland, president, primary, refugees, russia, sammy’s mexican grill, science fair project, socialism, solar energy, solar panels, south carolina, steyer, tailban, tennis, trump, trump2020, turkey, ukraine, wall, white house

    On this Episode: South Carolina Primaries, Coronavirus, Peace in Afghanistan and more.

  • Episode 75: Democratic Socialism

    February 26th, 2020  |  1 hr 46 mins
    #ripbloomberg, 401k, 4d chess, aoc, bernie sanders, bill gates foundation, bird flu, brawndo corporation, bread lines, byu, capitalism, climate change, cobra kai, communist, corona virus, democratic socialist, economy, elections, envy, facebook, first step act, green new deal, grinder, i will fight for you, iran, james woods, jfk, kaitlin bennett, karate kid, laziness, liberty hangout, mandatory vasectomy, mike bloomberg, never trumpers, obama, ohio university, oppression, pole vaulting accident, protests, provider vs publisher, pursuit of happiness, radio signals, rod blagojevich, sars, scrooge mcduck, south korea, student loans, summer home, tick tock video, trump, trump signs, trumpocrat, tulsi gabbard, twitter, twitter blocking, us taliban, usmca, white guilt, wuhan

    The crew discusses the Corona virus, Iran, Kaitlin Bennett, Bernie Sanders supporters, Trump Rallies, Social Media and the First Step Act.

  • Episode 74: Bernie, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Biden

    February 17th, 2020  |  1 hr 18 mins
    bernie, biden, bloomberg, bullied, buttigieg, eric swalwell, feminism, lift yourself up by your bootstraps, not my ritchie, poop, qasem soleimani, racism, the world is brutal, toughen up, tulsi gabbard, university of virginia

    The crew talks about Bernie's early primary upsets, Biden's drop in the polls, Bloomberg's racism, and Buttigieg leads the pack

  • Episode 73: Four More Years

    February 12th, 2020  |  1 hr 41 mins
    acquittal vs exoneration, adam schiff, anarchy, antifa, aoc, bag full of drugs, bernie sanders, biden, blexit, bloomberg, bollywood, bullying, cops, corona virus, cspan, derangement syndrome, don lemon, fact checking memes, fat shaming, florida man, gingerbread man, gun control, gun laws, haz-mat outfits, herpes ridden monkeys, idioms, illinois, impeachment, iowa caucus, j-lo, jacksonville, kkk, legal document, lexit, lgbtq, matt gaetz, mitt romney, moody's analytics, nancy pelosi, obese, pete buttigieg, pocahontas, popsicle sticks, portland, publishers vs providers, quarantined, romneyisms, romney’s son, school meeting, shadow ink, shakira, social media, state of the union, syphilis, the black vote, treason, trump 2020, tuskegee airmen, twitter, van jones, wolf blitzer, wuhan china

    The crew discusses crazy leftists, the Iowa Caucus, Pocahontas, the rip heard around the world, foreskin victims, the Super Bowl Half Time show, the State of the Union address, the Impeachment trial, Mitt Romney, AOC, popsicle stick robber, fat shaming and a bag full of drugs.

  • Episode 72: Acquit!

    February 5th, 2020  |  59 mins 37 secs
    adam schiff, andy gno, antifa, arizona, asu, bagpipes, bernie sanders, brexit, chief justice roberts, child molester, chuck schumer, cnbc, cranberry, cuba, cuomo, elizabeth warren, eu, eu headquarter, firemen, gimme gimme gimme, guatemalan, hart program, hawaii, hunter biden, idaho, impeachment, iowa, josie smith, kamala harris, mexico, michael bloomberg, missing children, mitt romney, mta, nancy pelosi, nigel farage, pens, pittsburg, polamalu, political trickery, rand paul, superbowl, thanksgiving leftovers, transgender, trump speech, usmca, vegan community, venezuela, witnesses

    The crew discusses news from Pittsburgh, missing children, impeachment, Trump supporters, Michael Bloomberg, vegans, Antifa, Brexit, a child molester and big government.

  • Episode 71: Executive Privilege

    January 29th, 2020  |  1 hr 10 mins
    alaska, beautiful wall, bernie sanders, bill clinton, border, boycott, breaking news, calabasas, call transcript, caravan, clint eastwood, corrupt politicians, cpr, crazy cat ladies, dildo rolling pin, driveway, drones, elizabeth warren, executive privilege, explosion, florida man, green puppy, guillotine, helicopter crash, hong kong protest, houston, hurricane maria, impeachment, instagram, iran, javelin missile, joe biden, kobe bryant, lindsey graham, malaysia airlines, methlab, mexico police, missle defense, pallets of cash, pizza air delivery, pocahontas, politico, protestors, puerto rico, qasem soleimani, quid pro quo, senate trial, teacher, term limits, too soon, trump, twitter, ukrainian passenger plane, us airbase, us flag, wikileaks, world war 3, world’s worst cat

    The crew discusses explosions, rolling cars, CPR, the Mexican border, Puerto Rico, Kobe Bryant, Iranian protestors, shooting down missiles, Impeachment, a green puppy, a dildo rolling pin, air delivered pizza and the world’s worst cat.

  • Episode 70: Shall Not Be Infringed

    January 24th, 2020  |  1 hr 33 mins
    1st amendment, 2nd amendment, abortions, blackface, brooklyn brewery, chick-fil-a, civil war, conspiracy theory, david olney, dunkin’ donuts, dwayne johnson, fbi, fedex, florida, gun free zone, history class, hobby lobby, impeachment, infanticide, jeffery epstein, jkf, mcdonalds, meditate, meghan markle, minimum wage, mozzarella sticks, nothing burger, obamacare, orange is the new black, panera bread, pittsburgh, potato skins, prageru, prince albert, prince andrew, prince charles, prince harry, red flag laws, rocky johnson, royal family, squeaky toy, starbucks, target, tennis instructors, texas, the rock, time traveler, turf paradise, twitter, u-haul, ups, virginia, warning shots, yoga

    The crew discusses UPS, the Royal Family, Rocky Johnson, Chick-fil-A, the minimum wage, Virginia gun control, funny tweets and Meditation.

  • Episode 69: The Rise Of Saulty Walker

    January 17th, 2020  |  1 hr 42 mins
    18 year old, 9 11, a new hope, alligators, avengers, ayatollah khomeini, baby yoda, black widow, cardi b, christmas, cine capri, clone wars, cobalt, costa rica, crocodiles, darth vader, death star, democratic republic of the congo, dr pimple popper, drones, electric cars, empire strikes back, end game, florida, fresh water, gamora, george lucas, ghost busters, golden globe, hydrogen fuel cell, idiocracy, incest, infinity wars, insect, iran, irish quintuplets, jersey shore, jj abrams, joaquin phoenix, kylo ren, lift, loki, martin sheen, mel brooks, miami, my feet are killing me, pool toys, prius, qassem soleimani, return of the jedi, ricky gervais, rise of skywalker, rogue one, ronan farrow, rose mcgowan, social media, solo, south beach, space balls, spiderman, swamp water, teen mom, telsa, tesseract, the force awakens, the last jedi, uber, vhs, wwe

    The crew talks about stolen pool toys, twin twins, death by meth, alligators, crocodiles, social media stupidity, sore feet, Golden Globes, technology, Star Wars, Marvel and 18 year olds are dumb.

  • Episode 68: A Saulty Anniversary

    December 29th, 2019  |  1 hr 46 mins
    air bnb, airplanes, amazon prime, antifa, arab spring, bad with money, band of brothers, bea arthur socks, bill gates, billionaires create jobs, bitcoin, bloomberg, boys in the hood, brett kavanaugh, canadian broadcasting corporation, carvana, chemical explosion, chernobyl, cold war, communism, concentration camps, democratic debate, dresden, drones, e-harmony, einstein, elon musk, facebook, fat man and little boy, fisa court, flying car, flying spaghetti monster, full year of podcasting, hbo, healthcare, helicopter, highlights, holocaust, home alone 2, hospital, human experiments, hunter biden, illinois, injecting feces, invade japan, jeffrey epstein, joe biden, john goodman, john mccain, john singleton, kamikaze, lowlights, match, medical coding, michael moore, mri, nasdaq 9000, new decade, nuclear weapons, online dating, pacific ocean, pittsburgh, quad-copters, rbmk reactor, roosevelt, rosem morton, sandy hook, send her back, slapping contest, slowest recovery, smartphones, solar city, space-x, squad of rejects, star wars, telsa, truman, trump cameo, trump derangement syndrome, tyrannical government, uber, uranium waste, valkyrie, vampire apocalypse, vita coco and urine, world war ii, ¼ of the worlds gdp

    The crew talks about a year of extremes, Trump Derangement Syndrome, bad mothers, Highlights, Low lights, and the future of technology, the economy, government corruption, World War II, Chernobyl and the top 15 news stories of 2019.

  • Episode 67: A Saulty Christmas

    December 22nd, 2019  |  1 hr 39 mins
    1998, 2/3rds majority, 2nd amendment, 90% negative news, adam schiff, adam’s apple, ak47, ar15, assault rifles, automatic weapons, blair white, buzzin podcast, clinton impeachment, comedic spin, concealed weapons, constitutional republic, covington kid, cranberry juice, crickets, dennis rodman, don’t drink and drive, drag queens, drink of the day, electoral college, eminem, fica, fix my house first, ford, grenade launcher, hillary clinton, hot bagels, i don’t vote, impeachment, impeachment lite, isis, jewish bagels, joe biden, jäger bombs, jägermeister, lady gaga, medicare, michigan, military grade weapons, minimum wage, miss america, mob rule, nancy pelosi, nda, north korea, obama, politics, pro-choice, red bull, replacing nafta, silent majority, social security, socialism, spicy tuna, state of the union, support the military, sushi, sword fight, tariffs, term limits, trump supporter, usmca, virginia biochemist, vote them out, your vote matters

    The crew talks about drag queens, Lady Gaga, Miss America, the Buzzin Podcast crew pays a visit, Impeachment, the 2nd amendment, German shepherds, Walmart customers and memes.

  • Episode 66: High Crimes & Misdemeanors

    December 16th, 2019  |  58 mins 43 secs
    $100000, $37 million, 20 pounds of meth, abuse of power, adam schiff, alters email, amazon dark web, anger issues, antifa, articles of impeachment, bus driver, buzzin podcast, candance owens, cox internet, criminal charges, doj, donald trump jr, elon musk, fbi, fisa court, fusion gps, george washington, greta thunberg, hong kong protestors, jerry nadler, maga t-shirt, merry christmas, mi-5, no accountability, obstruction of congress, pump your own gas, punch a door, rush balloon, steele dossier, term limits, the media is silent, watching golf, witness and counsel

    The crew talks about Internet outages, banking errors, grapefruit, Christmas trees, cow sweaters, impeachment, the Steele Dossier, MAGA t-shirts, GretaThunberg, meth and pumping your own gas.

  • Episode 65: Unhinged

    December 9th, 2019  |  1 hr 14 mins
    abraham lincoln, adam schiff, baron, campaign meddling, cnn, comedian, donald trump, executive privileged, federal reserve, first friday, hearsay, impeachment, instagram, joe biden, jonathan turley, judiciary committee, mr. clinton killed epstein, nancy pelosi, no malarkey, outrage culture, pamela karlan, peloton bike, peloton bike commercial, project veritas, publisher or provider, seamus, spin class, stroke, tariffs, that’s not art, the vig, tornados, twitter, walmart announcer, you guys, zookeeper

    The crew talks about chimneys, tornadoes, Impeachment, Joe Biden, Peloton bikes, an expensive banana and a zookeeper.

  • Episode 64: A Saulty Thanksgiving

    November 28th, 2019  |  58 mins 26 secs
    4000 calories, abraham lincoln, angels, baking soda, black friday, blueberry pie, bread and butter, butterball turkey line, cigars, cyber monday, deep-fried turkey, entitled, family, fire extinguisher, friends, george h bush, george washington, grateful, gratitude, grease/oil fire, greatest nation, guatemala, jello, maga boy, old homestead steakhouse, pie, played cards, poverty, presidential pardon, psa, rummy, salt, squanto, stuffing, talking politics, thanksgiving trivia, thomas jefferson, tryptophan, turkey

    The crew talks about Thanksgiving and things for which they are thankful.

  • Episode 63: Quid Pro D'oh!

    November 24th, 2019  |  1 hr 21 mins
    911, abraham lincoln, adam schiff, all lives matter, ann coulter, antibiotics, aoc, assassination, bernie sanders, black friday, border patrol, buckets of diarrhea, candace owens, chipotle app, chris cuomo, clinton, clinton foundation, concealed weapon, conflict of interest, corruption, devin nunes, dick’s sporting goods, dillard’s, dmz, drain the swamp, fartgate, fbi, fisa report, fox news, fredo, gettysburg address, hearsay, heidi van tassel, hillary clinton, hunter biden, jc penny, jfk, jussie smollett, kohl’s, la, lori loughlin, lt. col. vindman, macy’s office max, mall of america, mr. obama, mr. vindman, obama, oil slick, peeing in the pool, pool parties, san fransisco, talking stick pool party, taylor swift, telltale heart, this day in history, tim horton’s, trump, tv star president, uc berkley, ukraine, withholding aid, zelensky, zuckerberg

    The crew discusses Black Friday, the border patrol, a driving dog, a shart, this day in history, the Impeachment trial, all lives matter, Ann Coulter, an adult with diapers, and buckets of diarrhea.

  • Episode 62: Red Pilled

    November 17th, 2019  |  1 hr 40 mins
    $5000 gain in average middle class household income, 6 million new jobs, 6 million off of food stamps, 6th amendment, a christmas story, adam schiff, adam schiff blocked all witnesses, anti-man or true statement, aoc, bill maher, chipotle, christmas eve, cnn, day care, deer running thought walmart, defeat of isis, denzel washington, drain the swamp, dunkin`, dunkin` donuts, fake food, fake news, false wall, fences, food coma, genital mutilation, how a woman would have heard it, how far do you let them fall, hunter biden, impeachment, koreanan peace, lowest ever black unemployment, lowest hispanic unemployment, lowest women unemployment, male suicide rate, meatless mondays, men’s rights issues, nightmarish hallmark movies, orange man bad, perception is reality, quid pro quo, record stock market, schiff is drunk with power, sleepy joe biden, south korean fake funerals fake crying, swamp monster, ted talk, the gentlewoman will suspend, they hate trump more than they love this country, they wanted a women in the white house, this is my responsibility, tough love, ukraine, vegans, war crimes

    The crew discusses Men's Rights Issues, Trump Impeachment, and Raising Boys