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203 episodes of The Saulty Show since the first episode, which aired on April 27th, 2019.

  • Episode 45: Trump 45 and 2 Zig Zags

    August 29th, 2019  |  59 mins 34 secs
    3 stooges, a onetime bad congressmen, african immigrants, america first, antifa, archived tweets, asshole love, assless chaps, border wall, boston, brett kavanaugh, britain, british accent, catalina lauf, china grabbing leaders, cnm fake news, couldn't stand up straight, dave chappelle, david harris, drag show, failed in radio, fake news, g7, germany, guatemala, headline stress disorder, hot conservatives, hypocrisy, i should be able to take them, i've said racists thing but who hasn't, in the middle, intimate moment, it's more inclusive, japan, joe walsh, kremin, lgbtqs, look at this fredo, maga hats, melania trump, mexico's southern border, milo, milo yiannopoulos, mr. appalachian trail, mtv, potpourri of diversity, puppet master, racist tweets, rick rolled, russian jokes, s is for straight, safe places, safe spaces, slapping trump, sour face, steven crowder, straight pride parade, stuart varney, telemundo, the left can't meme, tim is running for congress, tommy robinson, took saul to a gay bar, trump 45, trump 45 and two zig zags, trump episode, tweet archives, twitter, we found some police, when donald trump forgets to wear clothes

    The crew celebrates their 45th episode with a tribute to the 45th president.

  • Episode 44: Trump, Dolphins, Bananas and Coke

    August 25th, 2019  |  48 mins 33 secs
    $1 million of cocaine, 100 times in the drive thru, 22 kilos, 23 kilos, 38 revolver, 8 foot long snake, aggressively rubbing, apple built in china, armadillo, banana boxes, batteries, battery charger, bean bags, bring our company’s home, can’t make a video of mohamed, cattle fence, chick-fil-a, china, china is ass hole, chinese are shooting hong konger, closed beached, cramping, creepy joe, dnc fund raising just took a hit, dollar shave club, dolphin in heat, doorbell cam, dow down 700, electrical class, electrocution, family guy, first experience with love, germany, get rid of the us postal service, get woke go broke, gillette, global economy at what cost, groin attack, guns, handle of the stove, happy to see you, have sex for pleasure, heart stopped, hilter took away everyones, hong kong, hong kong police, i don’t know what we are yelling about, i don’t think the stove should be electricuing us, in-and-out, i‘m bart simpson who the hell are you, jaw wired shut, left one women with his nose, make america great again, new segments, nike, not today satan, one year before the simpsons is cancelled, point of personal privilege, poisonous fish, poorly choosen, potassium and coke, ricochet, roasting on an open fire, safeway, second amendments, sex with an atm and a picnic table, sexual frustrated dolphin, shit on your point, shocking, shot 3 times, shot in the face, simpsons, somebody did something, south park, stock market, take a bumper, the left can’t meme, the perfect shaped nose, tim’s terrible tweets, too many times in the drive thru, transformers, trump is hitler, trump orders, trump trade war, umbrella, vaginal flatulence, video doorbells, what does a female dolphin say when she doesn’t want to have sex, what is the weirdest get rithing you put your dick into, widow makers, with all due respect what would you do if god called you a cnt, zafar

    The crew talks about an armored armadillo, a snake, a horny dolphin, electronics class, cocaine and trump’s “Orders”.

  • Episode 43: Fight the Good Fight

    August 22nd, 2019  |  1 hr 4 mins
    $144000 fine, $600 rent, 18 micro apartments, 1984, 2 condos, 4 ½' ceilings, 70 square feet, 850 year old building, 9 apartments one bathroom, a battle of ideas, america is awaking up, anti-science, antifa, bait stations, charlie kurt, chinese, communism, concrete slabs, crocodile tears, customs and border protection, dearborn michigan, destroying the rule of law, domestic terrorism, europe is committing suicide, fascism, foul play, google cloud platform, google employees, google needs to be broken up, hey google are you a monopoly, i sleep well at night, india independence, islam is not a race, islamic extremist burning churches, kill cops, lead in to the air, lgbtq, lower east side, lung issues, mayor of portland, new york, non-violent civil war, notre dame, pakistan, pest control stations, prager university, protest, proud boys, rallies, rashida tlaib, reign in the dark fringes of the male, religion of war, rent control, rent stabilization, scrubbing the streets, shitting in the streets, slaughtering a cow on an indian flag, squad of rejects, subletting, sued up the ass, taser, the pendulum has swung, throwing rocks, trump is savage, trump meme, vaping, where is peta, where were the police, wishing is not how science works, woke as fuck movement

    The crew talks about mini apartments, lead, vaping, Antifa, the Middle East and Google.

  • Episode 42: Devil in the blue dress

    August 18th, 2019  |  1 hr 6 mins
    a little bush, aggressive moppping, aoc, armpit hair, armpit merkin, auschwitz, bbc, bds, bernie sanders, bill clinton, bill maher, bj hardick, bleached assholes, blow job, blue dress, bullies, china, china is singer the us national anthem, creepy joe binden, defamation, delaware, destiny hooker, dick brains, diplomatic trip, don’t believe the media, doorbell cam, drone is going to die, empty seat maga tour, european wax, extreme left, extreme right, facts are facts, farmers are losing, first date, florida crazy news, future leaders of america, get out of my mom's basement, glamor shots, go to jail for bulling, groupies let you grab them by the pussy, guess the state, he would be the first lady, hillary's dress, hold my beer, house of cards, how many legs a dog has, ice facilities, ilham omar, israel, jeffery epstein, jesus condom, libel, maxine waters, michelle boner, monica's dress, move the embassy, netanyahu, new hampshire rally, no shave, palestine, poor people are just as bright as white people, portrait, private island, project veritas, rashida tlaib, russian, she went to a road and cried, shotgun, silent majority, slander, squad of rejects, steakhouse, suicide, this ain't a fad, thomas sowell, threw semen on walmart shopping, trade war, transvestite, trump, trump is america first, truth over facts, twerk, twinter, twisted and perverted, twitter, vegans, visit grandma, watching the election, we need to enforce our laws, we've got bush, what page was that on

    The crew talks about doorbell cams, unfortunate names, body hair, portraits and Israel.

  • Episode 41: The name is Fredo, Al Fredo

    August 14th, 2019  |  1 hr 11 mins
    $100000 car, $12000 car, $15 an hour, 4 hour to fully charge a telsa, 50 years, act of terrorism, advertisement on tv, airport, anti-extradition laws, basic law, beijing, bmw, boston dynamitics, both side agree that it is foul play, camera disabled, cesar chavez, chris cuomo, citizens, clintons, cnn anchor, colony of great britain, conspiracy theory, denied citizenship, dictator, displays bad character, doj, donald trump jr, drunk drivers, electric cars, elsewhere polluting vehicles, ethnic slur, flat screen tvs, fredo, gas is cheap, gcc students, gets the leaches out of their country, godfather, government motors, green cards, gruber motors, he should not be allowed to own weapons, hong kong protest, ice raids, impaired drivers, infrastructure, jeep, job fair, joe biden, koch foods, landscaper, largest exporter of oil, les mis, lots of fun but you don't get anywhere, masturbatorial car choice, mercedes, military marriages, mississippi, nissan, no guards, no one will take that job at that pay, nuclear is the cleanest, obama deported more than trump, permanent resident not effected, poor kids are just as bright as white kids, poultry, pull out and cum on the tits, red flag laws, remittance, roadster, robot abuse, severally handicapped, shenzhen airport, simplicity, snowbirds, switzerland, tax incentives to buy electric cars, tesla vehicle, that's because they are french, the new n-word, the whole thing is cgi., they closed tent city, they're so poor their so black, transferred the cellmate, truth is not a left wing value, union, we choose truth over facts, we have a fighter in the white house, we need the second amendment, well fair, wolf blitzer, wrong way drivers, you can't afford to live here

    The crew talks about wrong way drivers, ice raids, electric cars, citizenship, Hong Kong and Fredo.

  • Episode 40: Marvel's Phase 4 Fizzle

    August 11th, 2019  |  48 mins 12 secs
    a good doctor doom, all of a slut'n, always sunny in philadelphia, birds as pet, black widow, blade, brooklyn, captian marvel 2, cat gymnasium, dare devil, dark knight, deadpool, disney, disney plus, dodo bird, dominatrix class, dr. strange, espn, eternals, fantastic four, far from home, fox, freddy krueger, giant cannibal parrot, grab hair, green arrow, guardians of the galaxy, hawkeye, hulu, humbre mono, i have a bird is a deal breaker, incredible hulk, incredibles, into feet, ironman, jason momoa not doing aquaman 2, lick my feet, logan, loki, man of steel, mary kate and ashley olsen, mister whiskers does not approve, netflix won the game of thrones, not a fan of birds, not into braids, penis is turning into bone, princess leia, robert downey jr, robot dick, rocket racoon, rogue one, scarlett johansson, shange chi legends of the ten rings, smells like hamsters, solo, sony, spider-man into the spider-verse, spiderman, star wars, std trauma, stephen king movie about cats, superman, swamp thing, t-rex is a little bird, the clown of birds, the falcon and the winter soldier, thor, too many animals, wanda hotter then scarlett johansson, wandavision, welcome back, wet t-shirt contest, what if, wolverine, xmen

    On this episode: cannibal parrots, a new “bone” grows inside 63yr old Bronx man, a touch of dominatrix and Marvel Universe Phase 4.

  • Episode 39: Point of Personal Privilege

    August 8th, 2019  |  1 hr 8 mins
    19th birthday, 30 seconds, 8 chan, aggressive scent, ambulance hits pothole, back to the future, baseball hits bird, beto o'rourke, bird hits girl on roller coaster, bird hits wind shield, bird hits window, both parents murdered at restaurant, butt dialing, buy a tank, buy back the guns, car accidents, car thief, changed the headlines, clapping, comrade, control the media control the minds, criticize police, daycare, dayton, democratic socialists, depend against a tyrannical government, don't talk to cops, eat each other out, el paso, feathers, flu, fort hood, gender pronouns, get off my lawn, go fund me to kill, gun, gun control, gun violence, hand gun homicide, having sex with his dog, he/him, hillary clinton, hot tub time machine, how many more rapes have to occur before you cut off your dick, i've got monsters, internal google memos, it's mama, keeping a close eye on them, kentucky deluxe whiskey, kids are not disciplined at home, killed his sister, liberal city, lightning strikes septic tank, list of massacres, madonna, manifesto, maxine waters, medical errors, moral foundation, neil degrasse tyson, new york time, news headline from each state, no rights no guns no protection, not a trump supporter, nuclear bomb in the back, off duty military, point of personal privilege, pot holes, preferred pronoun, race track, randy johnson, rattle snake, reichstag fire, robert de niro, sandy hook, second amendment, shot a congressman at a softball game, still accountable, suicide, they are shit hole nations, they sell guns at walmart, toilet explodes, tom hanks, trump owes el paso for shooting, truth is not a left wing value, twitter disabled his account after shooting, twitter removing hits, unity over racism, uranium, uranium ore on amazon, video games, walmart

    The crew's laughter and tears in this episode covers; Florida's exploding toilet, Oklahoma's car theft, Queensland roller-coaster ride, a Nebraska pothole moment, Alabama's carnival man, democratic-socialism meetings, gun-control and the 1st & 2nd Amendments.

  • Episode 38: Capitalist Cavemen

    August 4th, 2019  |  1 hr 13 mins
    #walkaway movement, $500 a week down to $200 a week, 16 to 18 cm, 20 or 50, 9 year old artist, 9.0, a$ap rocky, ankle surgery, asians wearing maga hats, australia, belly flop, blue wave, brandon straka, burkini, camelback and indian school, capitalist countries with socialist programs, cavemen jeremy, cavemen saul, cavemen tim, chelsea handler, cocaine under toupee, coins, congress person, congress womaintenance, cry for attention, dark web, europe has been invaded, fake injuries, fake news, free school, gaza strip, gdpr, ghettobirds, give up your guns, golan heights, government assisted health care, greece, greece had more employees than offices for them, hamas, he broke it, he has a sock around it, he was wearing a hat, head smashed into the wall, i want you dead, i will be your friend shirt, i-17, increase the retirement wage, israel palestine conflict, italy, joe biden can't fill a hot tub, jumper, jussie smollett, largest penis, lip stick on a socialist pig, maga hat in new york, magatron events at a$aps next event, maryvale, masturbating, necklace, no coal, no history of palestine, no one will buy a shitty product, no option but to riot, not a drone strike, oac, off brand charger, on top of the sign, oversized toupee, people from sweden, phone charger, privacy, red wave, refugees, rescue europe again, rob a bank, ronald reagan started make america great again, rub him right, same old shit, save face, socialism does not allow for people to be better, some people did something, sports illustrated, thanks sweden courts, united kingdom, vibrator, west bank, white supremacist jews, workfare instead of welfare, world record, you lack the understanding of how the economy works, your dog is peeing on my lawn

    Prepare for laughs and discussion of a Mexican penis, Cocaine smuggler, a couple PSA moments, freeway jumpers, AOC, Capitalism vs Socialism and the Cavemen

  • Episode 37: The Infestation Proclamation

    August 1st, 2019  |  1 hr 39 secs
    $15 billion, 3 weeks without seeing a judge, a$ap rocky, al sharpton, ambulance chaser, angry latina girl, are you tired of winning, arkansas, austin, baltimore, baltimore sun, ben shapiro, bill clinton, chicago rat problem, cnn reporter, colorado, cracked tail light, curling, defending rats, dennys, donkey punch, dr drew, elijah cummings, fart, female black marine general, fifa, finland, flags, fox news, good fellas, guatemla, hillary clinton, i am gay and conservative, identity the problem, if you know how to use a broom, ihop, infested, kanye west, king face, liberty police, maxine waters, missouri, montaga, nancy pelosi, new olympic event, not assimilating, not florida, obama, over reaching, plea deal, public health crisis, puto, racist, reagan bush 84 hat, red sports drink, refugees, san antonio, santisis, scream out fagette, shitting in the ocean, skid row, soft bigotry of low expectations, sweden, swimming in shit, switzerland, teamster, they want to blame trump, to use it wisely, trump is getting shit done, turning point usa, typhus, viva la mexico, waka flocka, well played satan, wife carrying championship

    The crew talks about automotive uses for sports drinks, farting criminals, wife carrying and rat infestations.

  • Episode 36: Evil Triumphs When Good Men do Nothing

    July 28th, 2019  |  51 mins 51 secs
    $100 million fine, 16 year old girl and an 80 year old women, 2003, 40 miles next to her dead grandmother, abortion vs death penalty, airforce base, animal shelter, area 51, arizona license renewal, army base rape and murder, attack cat, bath salts, bear, being nosey, big boobs, bill barr, boston marathon bomber, boy attacked by dog, california sucks ass through a straw, capital punishment, charleston church shooting, cheese burger, chemical, designer drugs, dismembered, dispensary, do not kill do not kill, dog attacking car, dumpster, execute 5 death row inmates, facebook $5 billion fine, fair wage, father mother and 8 year old daughter, federal government, for evil to provail good men must do nothing, grandmother and 9 year old, guatemala, hang them, inhumane, innocent until proven guilty, it takes ball to admit you are a coward, jerk dog, kevlar, kidnapping, killed 5 people, kingpin of methamphetamine, las vegas shooter, leave a note, legal loopholes, magic pill, medication, mental problem, minimum wage, mueller, ninja slap, pissed off tim, rachel on blast, raped, raping and killing a female soldier, stand between the knife and my son, temporary insanity, tortured and killed his 2 year old daughter, total loss fire, truck, wax pen, we all like a little pink in the middle, you can't test for dumb, youtubes, zero evidence

    The crew talks about animal shelters, pot eating bears and capital punishment.

  • Episode 35: Drain The Bathwater

    July 25th, 2019  |  59 mins 21 secs
    a chance to see history, alphabet, amazon, america leads, anti-trust, at&t, band wagon, barnes and then noble, big government, bomb threat, braintree, brazil, britain's prime minister, but it's not google, cages, deadpool, department of justice, don't go after his policies, don't teach you that in school, duckduckgo, elephant, escape artist, flight attendant, full of anger, go back to your country, go bing something, go to the midwest, google, google that shit, greece, he was aces, health networks, hillbilly stills, hot as soccer balls, i bet it feels huge in this hand, i buy a lot of weird ass shit, illegal immigration, italy, jumped on the airplane, keep them in the dark, kill politically correct, leeroy jenkins, lufthansa, ma bell, maga people, maga themed wedding, magatron, mama.com, massachusetts police, monopoly, multiple wedding invites, muslim brotherhood, no go zones, nokia, not in florida, not worthy of your platform, off on a tangent, on line bill of rights, prager u is…, prager university, preacher, project veritas, pyramid schemes, rapping about trump, refugees, revolution, rob the movie theater, sell her bath water, she has pink hair, small business owners, spiderman, sunglasses, the bell system, too hot, turmoil in the middle east, twitch, usa usa usa, vimeo, what are they doing with your data, whistle blower, white guilt prayer, win by a land slide, you heard it here first

    The crew talks about heat waves, bomb threats, climbing buildings, crashing weddings and monopolies.

  • Episode 34: What Do Women Want??

    July 20th, 2019  |  58 mins 56 secs
    50/50, air bnb, arizona, body parts, both parents are important, castration, cooler filled with male genitalia, cotton, dad jokes, dark web, dulce base, eye lashes, fashion nova, freud, google tracking porn, hate crime, hybrid humans, i am from the south, institutional racism is dead, it's in the top five, joker laugh, jordan peterson, jussie smollett, left the rope on the table, lollapalooza, meatbelt, moleman, new mexico, noose, octopusman, over feminized, over react, over sensitive society, rape, selling this shit to china, shotbun, sperm donor, stockholm syndrome, survival of the fittest, they want dick, toxic masculinity, university of michigan, weinermobile, what do woman want, woman ceo, woman don't need men, women need men like a fish needs a bicycle, you have not been to the south, your phone is listening to you

    The crew talks about renting the Wiener mobile, body parts for sale, tracking porn habits and want women want.

  • Episode 33: Storming Area 51 Leeroy Jenkins Style

    July 18th, 2019  |  1 hr 6 mins
    4d underwater chess, alex p keaton republican, aliens, bbq, ben shapiro, bill maher, bridezilla, chief grilling officer, cpap, cunt-fused, don't do it, donkeys, facebook event, father and bride, florida, grab them by the pussy, groupies, hanging by the pool, happy birthday tim, hush hush, just be cool, killing american citizens on american soil, land crabs, leeroy jenkins, naps, naruto run, never trumper, pew pew pew, photographer, pool hop, port saint lucie, rained out of their holes, release an alien on them, september 20th, sharks on land, snoozeterns, squad of tards, squad of twats, storm area 51, their people to have their jobs, they hate this country, tide pods, tie a bow, trump, tweets, walk to the alter, we have crabs, we will fuck you up, what a bunch of nerds, world of warcraft, yacht groupies, yacht tester, you ruined my day

    The crew talks about land crabs, a crazy bride, summer jobs, Area 51 and Trump's not so racist tweet.

  • Episode 32: Social Media Summit

    July 13th, 2019  |  53 mins 29 secs
    9th circuit court, a lobster on my cock, back of the truck, bagel boss, bat-shit crazy, bill clinton, blow-up their balls, boston, cbs, completely stop drinking, crazy, detroit, dixon, drain that swamp, epstein, face your problem, facebook, fake news, firecrackers, google, highest approval rating, hong kong, hsa, inflatable pool, influencers, joe biden, judicial collusion, looks like a dumb bag of rocks, magatron, mar-a-lago, mental well-being, modifing searches, mohegan sun, obamacare, pay stubs, pissed off tim, pool on the roof of an suv, pranks, project veritas, rattan, report facts, route 2, selling girl scout cookies, sex island, singapore caning, stand on the roof of a moving car, station wagon, sundar pichai, that guy is a beast, titty out of the mouth, trump social media summit, twitter

    The crew talks about women's mental health, stupid people with fireworks, a nominee for mother of the year and the "Trump Social Media Summit".

  • Episode 31: Erasing History

    July 11th, 2019  |  1 hr 3 mins
    10 groomsman, 2 wedding on the same day, 93 year old, abject poverty, amazon warehouse tours, ami horowitz, arrested, bank robbery, blue origins, bucket list, canary in the coal mine, catholic wedding, chernobyl, collection plates, college campusus, crash a total stranger's wedding, egypt, elon musk, employed more people than any other president, employee market, erasing history, face mask of chick-fil-a sauce, go to mars, go to the moon, grand theft auto, great wall, high school principle, holocaust, house of cards ready to collapse, identity politics, isis flag, israel, israeli flag, jeff bezos, jewish community, jordan peterson, mexico wedding, move the embassy to jerusalem, naked time, old people travel stuff, peyote, political correctness run amok, pyramids, quaaludes, richard branson, scarlett johansson, science over politics, segregation, skinny dipping, skydiving, slavery, space travel, space-x, sphinx, steal a lamborghini, streak across the top of the great wall, surrounded by wolves, the jews have all the money, the world wasn't fair, thomas sowell, throwing the party is the fun part, top 80% to the bottom 20%, traveling, ussr, virgin atlantic, virgin galactic, vomit comet, who is the best man

    The crew talks about strange bucket lists and Holocaust denial.

  • Episode 30: Cryptonite

    July 7th, 2019  |  51 mins 59 secs
    $4.8 million, $592000, $67000, 65 bitcoin, a small car from italy, bars of gold in your closet, bitcoin exchange, black mirror, black-off of 2003, castaway, corpse, cyber warfare, dark web, deep nude app, direct deposit, dogcoin, email attachment, emp, encrypted, faked porn video of gal gadot and scarlett johansson, fiat currency, firebombing, florida, freddy krueger, friendship with a volleyball, gold, hatfield and mccoys, her, honor amongst thieves, ia, joaquin phoenix, joe rogan app, minivan hurst, molotov cocktail, more than one living occupant, multiple personality disordered, nevada highway patrol, oklahoma, only does women, ransomware, riviera beach, second degree arson, security camera, she doesn't look like she is getting any, shot into the neighbor's house, silver, social engineering, strange things are afoot at the circle k, technology helping people, ted body, the world is not ready for deep nude, trees in oregon, virtual currency, webcam, what is the future of currency

    The crew talks about carpooling with the dead, Artificial Intelligence, angry neighbors, ransomware and crypto currency.