Episode 46

Saulty U


September 1st, 2019

1 hr 1 min 40 secs

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somebody did somebody don't put your dick in crazy ashley stclair dc draino justin trudeau mantspreading mansplaining unfit to be president barry goldwater snap fingers to clap trump white voter the reason we have hell is because some women had her period and got upset hatred of men stay home and raise the children women have not been in the work place men have penis' women have vaginas inclusive fire department police force something wrong with the school system phoenix airport it just want to see titties breast feeding in public history is written by men sociology no more logic to it during the 9 11 that’s a bad example grew up religious hierarchal is bad this bitch isn't going to do shit for you i am paying you to teach me why does it need to be manpower that sentence is sexist after the storm the mayor declared that local park would require all of it's to repair the damage replace the sexist language see where you at english class college homework assignment drive by guest not teaching consequences emotions over anything don't want to hurt people's feelings lean on me we just need to stop disciplining students shithead parent makes a shithead kids july 1st 2020 gavin newsom ban expulsion disruptive students california you can't show your excellence kid playing the piano lowering the standard so kids don’t feel left out problem child female teachers boys can go out and be boys continue to dumb down the public schools they don’t like italians necessary competition some minorities all children are special a little hard work segregation lowering the bar magnet schools exams attendance and grades new york schools 13 eggs and cup of sperm not the mama not the mama not the mama and we lost heidi we lost tim doctor eric i did not need that visual licking his dick natural salt licks 75 mountain goats mountain goats addicted to human urine yodeling pig skinny white kid her vagina is like a tuna fish can i smell pig sperm how did they get caught animal husbandry danish pigs the sweet semen of baby jesus shampoo bottles illegal pig semen don't touch my penis that’s cutting my balls off it's kind of nuts rubber bands castration fetish website hey cut my balls off castration

About this Episode

The Crazy News starts the show with stories about castration, pig semen, mountain goats and artificial insemination. Tim brings up the bad ideas being proposed in the New York and California school systems. Saul invites a visitor to share her English homework and the discussion turns to the crew's experiences with their college years. The episode closes out with a discussion of an opinion article about trump supporter being uneducated and Tim's Terrible Tweets. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.

Hosts: Saul, Tim, Jeremy, Heidi

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