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  • Episode 103: The Great Awakening

    August 3rd, 2020  |  1 hr 52 mins
    antifa, austin, az, bill clinton, bill gates, blm, bytedance, california, canada, china, christians, cnn, colorado city, corona virus, covid 19, dc mayor, dr fauci, epstein, eulogy, funeral, germany, google, hollywood, huawei, hydroxy chloroquine, john lewis, microsoft, neo nazis, nyc, nyt, obama, pedophiles, plandemic, save the children, sweden, texas, tik tok, trump, vaccination, walkaway, weasel, wwg1wga, zte

    On this episode of The Saulty show:
    Save the Children demonstrations across the country. The Great awakening has gone mainstream.
    Covid Hysteria - Fauci goes to Congress.
    And the Tik Tok Turmoil - The saga continues. Will it stay or will it go?

  • Episode 102: Social Media Censorship

    July 28th, 2020  |  1 hr 42 mins
    antifa, aurora colorado, austin, blm, christopher columbus, covid 19, deep state, dr fauci, facebook, frontline doctors, hollywood, hydroxychloroquine, instagram, lori lightfoot, paul galant, pedophilia, police, portland, purge, qanon, riots, robert davi, social media censorship, ted wheeler, teletubies, the dark knight, trump, twitter, violent protesters, wuhan virus, youtube

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses the social media giants ongoing efforts to quell dissent. The conversation includes the BLM/Antifa riots and the Wuhan virus lies that purvey the news networks.

  • Episode 101: Acts Of Kindness: Intentions vs Results

    July 20th, 2020  |  1 hr 22 mins
    antifa, bevelyn beatty, billionaires, black culture, blm, blood transfusion, captain america, cops, dead pool, echo chambers, facts, fake news, hot dogs, insufferable, jesus matters, journalism, keys to success, kindness, lunch, marxist, media, millionaires, minnesota, national museum of african american history and culture, nice gestures, nyc, operation paint drop, portland, rachel maddow, racial slurs, racist, refund the police, results, reverse aging, substitute teacher, the great awakening, the old guard, tik tok. intentions, trump

    On This episode of the Saulty Show:
    Random Acts of kindness for social media clout. More and more people doing good deeds to get followers.
    What is White culture? Is there such a thing? Well a certain museum wants to make you aware of the signs of whiteness.

    And more evidence that there is a Great Awakening happening in America these past few weeks.

  • Episode 100: The Last Best Hope Of Earth

    July 14th, 2020  |  1 hr 38 mins
    cabinets, collectivism, columbus, communism, conservative, constitutional republic, cuban, envy, government, goya, hispanic, hysterical, latinos, liberal, marxism, maximo alvarez, media, michael knowles, nyc support police, peru, philosophy, pillows, police, power, puritan, q, qsentme, rabbit hole, red pilled, riots, roger stone, schoolroom, sex trafficking, sloth, social media, socialism, statues, the great awakening, tik tok, town square, useful idiots, wayfair

    On this Episode of the Saulty Show the crew discuses the Goya hysteria, the rise of Socialism in America, and Wayfair Gate - the latest in the evidence that there is a well organized deep state involved in child sex trafficking.

  • Episode 99: Live Free Or Die

    July 9th, 2020  |  1 hr 10 mins
    4th of july, al sharpton, audible, back to the future, bananas, barron, biden, biff, book, california, civil rights, contact tracers, covid, cuomo, diversity, elon musk, freedom, happy birthday america, independence day, jesse jackson, kanye, liberty, madness, masks, maxwell, privacy, qanon, rabbit hole, racial jungle, racism, rosa parks, silent majority, slavery, social conditioning, space time, time travel, trump, week 10, wuhan virus

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses their Independence Day celebrations, Covid Chaos, and the threats to liberty.

  • Episode 98: Defund The Police: The Idiots Guide To Destroying America

    July 2nd, 2020  |  1 hr 14 mins
    2020, black, california, chaz, chop, city hall, covid, cuomo, defund the police, democrat, gotham, guns, indian, interpreter, joe biden, la, lapd, lockdowns, lord of the flies, metal state, mt rushmore, murders, ny times, nyc, nypd, police, qanon, republican, shootings, slaves, sleepy joe, socialism, softball questions, the awakening, tik tok, trust the plan, wwg1wga

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses BLMs latest victories to defund the police and the repercussions of such actions.
    Basement Biden finally had a press conference and the crew discusses his latest snooze-fest,

  • Episode 97: The Saulty Awakening

    June 29th, 2020  |  1 hr 19 mins
    barron, china virus, conspiracy theories, covid19, devil worship, down the rabbit hole, george soros, hillary clinton, jfk, john podesta, k-pop, north korea, pedophilia, pizza gate, q, qanon, red pilled, riots, rockefeller, rothschild, royal family, sex trafficking, symbolism will be their downfall, trump, trust the plan, uk, wuhan virus, wwg1wga

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses the Q phenomena that's sweeping the conservative right. Join the crew as we go down the rabbit hole of Conspiracy Theories. From pedophilia and devil worship to JFK and Time Travel.

  • Episode 96: Erasing History: Cancel Culture Run Amok

    June 16th, 2020  |  1 hr 14 mins
    antifastan, autonomous society, avocado toast, barbaric, blm, block party, border walls, cancel culture, chaz, checkpoints ar15, christian, christopher columbus, cnn, conservative, covid19, democracy, donald trump, governor cuomo, guns, historical figures, history deniers, intellectual midgets, lesbian, male chauvinist, martin luther king, mayor deblasio, mexican, mlk, nbc, rally, seattle, socialism, socialists, summer of love, trump, usa, utopia, vegan

    On this episode of the Saulty Show :
    Its called Capital Hill Autonomous Zone or Chaz-landia. And no its not the new season of Naked and Afraid - but very similar. It was supposed to be Seattle's version of an autonomous society that was to bring Utopia on earth. However, its only managed to compel the worlds laughter.
    Also, now that the riots have somewhat settled, guess who's back like clock work. COVID19. This time its targeting Conservative Rallies. Get your hydroxychloroquine ready folks. It's gonna be a bumpy summer full of love and lots of abolishing of sanity. Cancel culture has run amok

  • Episode 95: The Woke Olympics

    June 10th, 2020  |  1 hr 40 mins
    2.5 million jobs. jobs not mobs, abolish the police, abraham lincoln, african scarves, antifa, asian, biden, black squares, blackout tuesday, blm, candace owens, chickens come home to roost, chinese virus, confessions, crips, defund the police, deleted emails, dr fauci, fentanyl, george floyd, george washington, gun, health experts, hillary clinton, jacob frey, keith ellison, kente, lapd, leftists, life of crime, london france brazil, long beach, mexican, minneapolis, new york times, obama, obamagate, pennsylvania, police reform, pregnant woman, racism, riots, scandal, shaun king, sobbing, spying, stock market, suicidal pacifism, ted cruz, tom wolf, virtue signaling escapades, white man, woke olympics

    On this episode of The Saulty Show:
    The more we learn about the Murder of George Floyd and of the organized riots taking place, the clearer it becomes that it is a farce and we're being lied to again.
    And Just like the Chinese virus, it involves the same group of characters acting out the performance of a lifetime on the world stage.

  • Episode 94: When The Looting Started!

    June 1st, 2020  |  1 hr 57 mins
    antifa, biden, black lives matter, cape canaveral, chicago, cnn headquarters, communications decency act, crew dragon, doj, doug hurley, facebook, falcon 9, fbi, flag, florida, george floyd, kkk, law enforcement, looters, los angeles, minneapolis, murder, nasa, new york, police brutality, racial divide, robert behnken, section 230, social media, spacex, trump, twitter, van jones, war, you aint black

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses the George Floyd death and the protest and riots that are taking place across America. The crew also covers the SpaceX launch that took place over the weekend.

  • Episode 93: Scamdemic: Finding The Cure

    May 20th, 2020  |  1 hr 33 mins
    abuse of power, alan dershowitz, anthony fauci, bellmawr, cnn, congressman tim ryan, contact tracing, coronavirus, democrats, doctors, elon musk, food lines, general flynn, greta thunberg, hair salon, james comey, joe biden, judge emmet sullivan, kaitlan collins, matrix, mitt romney, new jersey police, new york times, obama, oregon, phil murphy, pierre dilecto, police state, politics, pro-deathers, rand paul, red pilled, republicans, sharyl attkisson, social distancing, surveillance, watergate

    On this episode of The Saulty Show, the crew discusses the never ending saga of the corona madness, the increasing surveillance and the stubborn case of General Flynn

  • Episode 92: Reopen California

    May 18th, 2020  |  44 mins 25 secs
    conservative, control through fear, freedom movement, frontlines, gavin newsom, human rights, huntington beach, liberal, lockdown, los angeles, marches, medical exemption, protest, quarantine, rally, reopen california, sb276, southern california, trump, vaccination

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew interviews a social media group by the name of Reopen California that has been gaining momentum. They are at the front lines fighting the crazy leftists. They are demanding that the state reopen all business because everyone is Essential.

  • Episode 91: The Wheels Of Justice Turn Slowly

    May 12th, 2020  |  1 hr 25 mins
    ahmaud arbery, barack obama, black conservatives, carter page, conservative, dallas, democrat, doj, elon musk, eric v moye, fbi, germany, gregg abbott, hairstylist, james clapper, james comey, jogger, justice, kimberly strassel, kristen noem, little richard, lynching, marathon, michael flynn, obamagate, racial issues, racism, russian, texas, the left, the logan act, trespassing, william barr

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses the latest hysteria propagated on the american population by the fake news media: Ahmaud Arbery and the lynching of African Americans. Also, the latest on the Michael Flynn Case and how the DOJ is uncovering deep state corruption that occurred during the Obama Administration.

  • Episode 90: The Modern Sacred Cows: Health and Science

    May 4th, 2020  |  1 hr 4 mins
    canary in the coal mine, chicago, choreographed dance, data models, de blasio, deep state, doj, epidemiologists, face mask, fbi, fortune tellers, frauds, free society, freeloaders, gavin newsome, genocide, hand readers, hand sanitizer, hoax, honest living, hypochondriacs, jobless claims, lazy, modern times, nurses, nyc, obama, oregon, pandemic, parasitic citizens, pro deathers, project veritas, psychics, science deniers, scorpion, tik tok, totalitarian state, trump, tyrannical, weeds, whitmer, william bar

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses the ongoing hysteria over Covid19 and the ramifications of a police state.

  • Episode 89: Rules For Thee, But Not For Me

    April 27th, 2020  |  1 hr 28 mins
    aoc, arizona, authoritarianism, biden, bleach, choreographed dance videos, cnn, congress, cops, covid19, democrats, fake news, fever, fiscal conservatives, hospitals, masks, media narrative, nurse karen, quarantine, republicans, rules for thee but not for me, security, social distancing, socialism, staged photos, stimulus bill, sunlight, uv light rays, vaccine, vitamin d

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses the media,s latest latest attempt at controlling the narrative, congress member's failed attempts at social distancing and the out of control 'stimulus' spending.

  • Episode 88: The Breaking Point

    April 15th, 2020  |  1 hr 49 mins
    alyssa milano, biden, brooklyn, china, choreographed, constitution, cops, covid19, dr fauci, france, freedom, germany, hospitals, hot spots, italy, jewish, law abiding citizens, mask, michigan, nancy pelosi, nypd, obama, power corrupts, scotus, social distancing, stock market, stupidity, supreme court, ted cruz, tik tok, total authority, totalitarian, unconstitutional, vigilance, virus, who, woke, world health organization

    On this episode of The Saulty Show the crew discusses the corrupt nature of government power that remains unchecked. And more evidence that the covid19 hysteria is leading the western world in the direction of totalitarianism.