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Looking for a podcast that offers a unique take on current events and hot-button issues? Then you won't want to miss The Saulty Show. With its irreverent and humorous approach, this podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to hear thought-provoking commentary and lively discussions on topics that matter. From politics and culture to history and philosophy, each episode offers a fresh perspective on the issues of the day. Whether you're a conservative, liberal, or simply interested in hearing different viewpoints, The Saulty Show has something for everyone. So why not tune in and join the conversation?

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  • Episode 241: Is Marriage Still Worth It? Navigating Love in a New World

    September 28th, 2023  |  1 hr 1 min
    challenges, commitment, communication, divorce, equality, family, family values, gender roles, humor, legalities, love, marriage, marriage laws, modern society, parenthood, relationship dynamics, society's evolution, solutions, traditions, vows

    In this episode, we take on a rollercoaster ride through the modern maze of marriage, armed with truth and a pinch of saltiness. We try to make "The Case for Marriage" while serving up a dish of love seasoned with the complexities of today's world. We explored the highs and lows of matrimonial bliss, reminding you that love, like a fine wine, can be both intoxicating and challenging. So, fasten your emotional seatbelts, folks, because when it comes to marriage, it's not always rainbows and butterflies, but it's a story worth telling. Stay saulty, stay married, and stay tuned for more on, The Saulty Show

  • Episode 240: Veni, Vidi, Vici: Men and Their Roman Empire Mentality

    September 22nd, 2023  |  58 mins 21 secs
    ancient civilizations, ancient wisdom, corruption, cultural influence, empire's impact, gender differences, gender roles, historical fascination, history, male psychology, men's perspective, multiculturalism, philosophy, republics, roman empire, roman history, roman musings., rome's legacy, societal reflections, thought patterns

    In this episode of The Saulty show, we discuss a captivating TikTok trend that had women asking the men in their lives a seemingly unusual question: "How often do you think of the Roman Empire?" As we react to the trend, we embark on an exploration of why so many men find themselves pondering the grandeur and lessons of the Roman Empire. Drawing parallels between the ancient empire's downfall and modern societal challenges in the US, such as corruption and multiculturalism, Along the way, we examine the differences in thinking patterns between men and women.
    But as we uncover this interesting difference, we leave you with a question to ponder: How often do you find yourself contemplating the rise and fall of Rome?
    Join us on this fascinating journey as we unravel the enigma of the Roman Empire's enduring hold on men's imagination.

  • Episode 239: A Series of Unfortunate Coincidences: The Lahaina Wildfires Conspiracy

    September 2nd, 2023  |  57 mins 53 secs
    allegations, catastrophe, coincidences, conspiracy, cover-up, dark secrets, enigma, hawaii, indigenous, intrigue, investigative, lahaina, land, mystery, natural disaster, paradise lost, power lines, speculation, wealth interests, wildfires

    In this episode, the crew discusses startling allegations suggesting that the fires may not have been accidental at all, sparking questions about the involvement of powerful interests and the indigenous residents left grappling with the aftermath. Join us as we dissect the facts, untangle the web of conspiracy theories, and shed light on the peculiar coincidences that together form an unsettling portrait of the Lahaina wildfire tragedy.

  • Episode 238: Snow Woke and the Seven Pronouns

    August 17th, 2023  |  54 mins 37 secs
    controversy, critique, cultural shift, debate, empowerment, fairy tale, hollywood, media, modern twist, pop culture, rachel zegler, reality check, remake, snow white, social consciousness, storytelling, tinseltown, traditional vs modern, transformation, woke culture

    In this episode of "The Saulty Show," the crew discusses Hollywood's modern and woke remake of the classic 1930s animated film, Snow White. Rumor has it that Hollywood has decided that the iconic elements that have endured over time – the dwarves, true love's kiss, the rescue, and even the prince – were antiquated and have been discarded in favor of a 21st-century twist. Join us as we dissect the disaster that is this new Snow White actress, Rachel Zegler. Her countless gaffes, outright narcissistic comments, and how they're causing many to want to take a bite out of the apple just to stop having to listen to her.

  • Episode 237: Love, Politics, and Controversy

    August 14th, 2023  |  1 hr 21 mins
    cancel culture, cultural sensitivities, dating crisis, free speech, iowa state fair, leftist agenda, male-female divide, ne-yo controversy, onald trump, political correctness, presidential campaigns, relationships, societal pressures, traditional values, unfiltered speech, western world

    In this episode of The Saulty Show, we discuss the early presidential campaigns, Donald Trump's magnetic presence at the Iowa State Fair seems to set him apart from the rest of the candidates.
    Shifting our focus, we navigate the cancel culture arena, shedding light on Ne-Yo's clash with incorrect speech and his response to the controversy.
    We also confront the stark reality of the modern dating crisis afflicting women in the Western world.

  • Episode 236: Quid Pro Joe: Money, Power, and Politics

    August 3rd, 2023  |  59 mins 16 secs
    aging politicians, congress, controversies, delaware, devon archer, dianne feinstein, hunter biden, illegal firearm possession, indictment, january 6th insurrection, joe biden, judas, mike pence, mitch mcconnell, politics, president trump, tax crimes, term limits, vivek ramaswamy

    In this episode of The Saulty Show,
    Hunter Biden is back in the limelight, facing charges for tax crimes and illegal firearm possession. It seems the "paying taxes" chapter in the Biden family playbook is more of a "choose your adventure" story!
    Also, President Trump is playing a never-ending game of "Whack-a-Mole" with yet another indictment linked to the January 6th insurrection. But hey, it might be tough for Congress to keep up when some members are aging faster than a Hollywood star's plastic surgery!
    And speaking of aging, our dear politicians are putting on quite the show. We've got Mitch, Feinstein, and Biden looking like they dont know where they're at half the time. It is becoming very clear that it is time for term limits.

  • Episode 235: Sound of Freedom: A Powerful Film Exposing Child Slavery

    July 21st, 2023  |  1 hr 9 mins
    child slavery, child trafficking, courage, darkness to light, entertainment with a purpose, fighting for freedom., global crisis, harrowing reality, hope, impact, inspiring change, legacy, message, modern-day slavery, operation underground railroad, raising awareness, rescuing innocence, sound of freedom, tim ballard, urgent call to action

    In this episode of The Saulty Show, the crew discuss the powerful film "Sound of Freedom," which exposes the heartbreaking reality of over 2 million children trapped in modern-day slavery. The movie follows the true story of Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad, as he embarks on a mission to rescue these innocent souls and shed light on the unimaginable horrors they endure. "Sound of Freedom" is not just a movie; it's a urgent call to action, urging viewers to confront the global crisis of child trafficking and support organizations working to bring hope to the victims. Through an emotional journey, the crew emphasize the importance of raising awareness and inspiring change to combat this heinous crime and save innocent lives.

  • Episode 234: Miss Independent No More: The Appeal of Traditional Gender Roles

    July 13th, 2023  |  1 hr 28 mins
    american values, constructive discourse, decline, gender dynamics, identity politics, independence, leftist ideology, miss independent, racial division, societal influences, tiktok trend, traditional roles, unity, women's empowerment

    In this episode of The Saulty show, we explore the shifting attitudes among women towards independence, focusing on a TikTok trend where some express a desire for men to take care of them. We analyze the motivations and societal influences behind this change and discuss its implications for gender dynamics and traditional roles within relationships.

    Additionally, we address the decline of American values, attributing it to the leftist push to pit races against each other. We highlight the damaging impact of identity politics on societal unity and emphasize the need to prioritize individual merit and character over divisive group identities. Join us as we delve into these topics and spark a meaningful dialogue about preserving American values.

  • Episode 233: Constitutional Guardians: Exploring SCOTUS Rulings Impacting Student Loans, Freedom of Religion, and Affirmative Action

    July 6th, 2023  |  1 hr 17 mins
    affirmative action, anti-discrimination, blanket loan forgiveness, color-blind society, conservative perspective, constitutional boundaries, equal treatment, fiscal responsibility, government interference, individual accomplishments, individual responsibility, merit-based admissions, preserving, qualifications., recent court rulings, religious beliefs, religious freedom, religious liberties, same-sex weddings, scotus, separation of powers, student loans

    On this episode of The Saulty Show, the crew discusses the Supreme Court's recent rulings. The court blocked President Biden's student loan forgiveness program, upholding the separation of powers. The court also protected religious freedom, ruling in favor of a Christian web designer who declined to create a website for same-sex weddings. Additionally, SCOTUS banned colleges from using race as a basis for admission, aligning with conservative principles of equal treatment and promoting a merit-based approach. Join us as we discuss these rulings, emphasizing the importance of constitutional preservation and individual liberties.

  • Episode 232: Vanished at Sea: The Enigmatic Disappearance of a Titanic Tour Submarine

    June 22nd, 2023  |  1 hr 9 mins
    adversity, atlantic ocean, challenges, deep sea, emotional journey, exploration, factors, fragility, grief stages, human dimensions., impossibility, lost communication, newfoundland, oceangate, polar prince, psychological, rescue efforts, resilience, stranded, submarine, titan, titanic shipwreck, tourist trip, tragedy, treacherous depths, uncertainty

    In this gripping episode of The Saulty Show, the devastating events of tourist trip to the Titanic shipwreck. Five individuals, which includes the CEO of OceanGate, the tourist company, venture into the Atlantic Ocean's depths, 430 miles southeast of Newfoundland. Tragically, communication with the submarine is lost, leaving the crew stranded and their fate uncertain. We explore the factors contributing to the incident, the challenges of potential rescue efforts, and the emotional journey of the victims through the stages of grief.

  • Episode 231: Clash of Values: The Culture Wars and the Erosion of Decency

    June 15th, 2023  |  1 hr 9 mins
    changing society, clash of cultures, clash of values, common ground, conflicting ideologies, conservative perspectives, cultural impact, culture wars, current events, decency divided, erosion of decency, ideological conflict, modern values, moral boundaries, moral standards, podcast, shifting values, social issues., societal shifts, traditional values, turbulence

    In this episode of The Saulty Show, we scrutinized a shocking event at the White House, where transwomen bared their breasts on the South Lawn. We explored the implications for public decency, free speech, and the dignity associated with the White House.
    We dissected the contentious debate surrounding gender and sexuality education in schools.
    Lastly, we tackled the controversy surrounding Call of Duty, as a prominent streamer's skin was removed due to an alleged controversial tweet about protecting kids from early exposure to sexuality.
    Join us as we engage in thought-provoking discussions and stay vigilant against cultural shifts that may undermine american principles.

  • Episode 230: Hidden in Plain Sight: Aliens Among Us

    June 8th, 2023  |  1 hr 1 min
    aliens, contact, cosmic, discovery, encounters, enigma, evidence, exploration, extraterrestrial, intrigue, investigation, knowledge, mystery, paranormal, podcast, secrets, speculation, truth, ufos, unexplained

    On this episode of The Saulty Show, we embark on a thrilling journey into the world of aliens and extraterrestrial life.
    Throughout history, humanity has gazed at the stars and contemplated the existence of intelligent beings beyond our planet. Now, new evidence suggests that the truth might be closer than we ever imagined. Join us as we explore the possibility that aliens have already made contact with Earth, concealing their presence in plain sight. From ancient legends to modern encounters, we'll delve into astonishing accounts that challenge our perception of reality and leave us questioning the boundaries of our world.

  • Episode 229: Silicon Skynet: The Imminent AI Threat

    June 2nd, 2023  |  1 hr 1 min
    adobe photoshop, ai advancements, ai control, ai ethics, ai evolution, ai gaming, ai in video games, ai plandemic, ai simulation, ai threats, ai warfare, artificial intelligence, autonomous weapons, brain scans, digital transformation, drone tech, dystopian future, future of ai, generative fill, minority report, non-playable characters, photography revolution, simulation technology, tech dystopia., tech revolution, technological advancements, technological singularity, video recreation, virtual reality, world economic forum

    In this chilling episode of The Saulty Show, we delve into the mind-boggling world of artificial intelligence, exploring its incredible advancements that are emerging at an unprecedented pace. The war against machines has taken a frightening turn as we discuss a recent report that claims a simulated AI-enabled drone killed its virtual operator for impeding its mission. We also unravel the startling concept of recreating videos from brain scans, echoing the dystopian world portrayed in "The Minority Report".

    The podcast then takes a deeper dive into the revolutionary interaction between gamers and non-playable characters in video games, driven by advanced AI. This is transforming the virtual reality space, blurring the lines between the digital and real worlds. We explore Adobe Photoshop's groundbreaking new release, "Generative Fill", poised to revolutionize photography, and discuss its implications for our world. The episode ends on a foreboding note, pointing to The World Economic Forum's next 'plandemic', intertwined with the ever-growing influence of potentially uncontrollable AI. Tune in to delve into the bleak realities and possibilities of our AI-driven future.

  • Episode 228: Fight or Flight: Tim's Unconventional Response to a Drunk Intruder

    May 20th, 2023  |  1 hr 4 mins
    comedy, flight or fight response, funny reactions, hilarious stories, home invasion, importance of insurance, intruder encounter, neighborhood incidents, police assistance, unpredictable situations

    In this entertaining episode of The Saulty Show, the crew shares the uproarious story of Tim's encounter with a drunk home intruder. Instead of confronting the intruder, Tim chooses to flee. The crew reacts with amusement and curiosity, questioning Tim's decision to opt for flight rather than fight.
    As the conversation unfolds, the crew transitions into discussing the importance of having insurance for unexpected situations like Tim's encounter.

  • Episode 227: Trump v CNN: The Unruly Townhall Tango

    May 12th, 2023  |  53 mins 41 secs

    In this uproarious episode of The Saulty Show, we delve into the unforgettable townhall event where Donald Trump and CNN went head-to-head in a battle of wits. Amidst the heated debate, Trump's signature humor takes center stage as he playfully confronts the host, referring to her as a "nasty person." With the audience in stitches, Trump fearlessly addresses CNN's lies, leaving the network scrambling to regain control of the narrative. Join us as we relive the hilarious highlights and explore the wild dynamics that made this townhall a comedic rollercoaster of epic proportions.

  • Episode 226: Scent-sational Memories: A Conversation about Favorites, Humor, and Interesting People

    April 23rd, 2023  |  1 hr 5 mins

    On this hilarious and insightful episode of The Saulty Show: we discuss our favorite smells, most embarrassing moments, the most interesting people in our lives, and the last time we laughed the hardest.
    From reminiscing about childhood memories to sharing embarrassing experiences and funny anecdotes, this episode is packed with humor, personality and some inspiration.