Episode 48

Unfortunate Events


September 8th, 2019

1 hr 7 mins 14 secs

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trump derangement syndrome keep the uninformed mad 500 miles in arizona we balanced the books positive trade only we can get the weather wrong all of a slutn meteorologist hurricane path stated the wrong weather for alabama starving hid it in the toilet tiananmen square china is exposed hong kong waving the american flag china needs us asked not to wear red hats the left is not afraid that president trump will fail charlie kirk threw that shoe at him he's a shifty little fuck joe biden's eye don't have sex until you are married churches want you to have kids you should be spayed a man's right to keep his check dave chappell fracking coal belt end all coal jobs bernie sanders abortion for population control paper straws plastic straws tax electric cars suv and truck red meat circus ronald mcdonald point of personal privilege whoville krusty the clown what is that do you think that the gay agenda will recover from this rebel media moneys green i'm a gay tranny ashley stclair get a steel toed boot up your ass peta lgbt die-ins it's the lords chicken chick-fil-a toronto de blasio disrespecting a cop assault half gallon of milk is that you sat in the bath and bawled mom dad do you see that a family with a child the doors open i can make it back to the hotel room i'm going to be sick i was cute so screw you asshole fit and young thong black dress florida buffet las vegas for sale most embarrassing moment where is half my tooth i locked the door i going to die tonight fetal position daddy bucket boobs are out pool she filled the second cup hot vomit on my hand she filled that cup big gulp cup you should have just left her there xterra she drank the bucket bucket of adios sushi and sack girl thru-up in truck super bad taste in women vegan diet her son is here when i drink i get better at darts lost a game of darts you can't put that back inside me then i got high peanut butter sandwiches making sandwiches shitting on my dick thru-up on dick college hook-ups 35f fry's chase atm $100 bills instead on $10 bills next topic nailed it yah that's it indonesia lion air seatbelts seat in lavatory

About this Episode

The Crazy News starts the show with stories about airline seat assignments, ATM slot machines, unfortunate hook-ups and a couple of stories from the past. Jeremy brings up the way the New York City police are being treated and Saul shows a video of the new Chick-fil-a opening in Toronto. Saul switches over to a discussion the democrat climate town hall and the list of things they want to ban. All this and more on this episode of The Saulty Show.

Hosts: Saul, Tim, Jeremy, Heidi

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